Tesla Model X takes on Audi e-tron in a drag race.

All-electric SUV Drag Racing: Tesla Model X vs. Audi e-tron

After Top Gear’s Taycan vs. Model S saga, here comes Fifth Gear with a new race between a Tesla Model X and Audi e-tron SUV — originally aimed for 3 attempts but ends up with the Model X winning 2-0 straight to end the game.

Audi spent years developing the electric e-tron SUV‘s platform, battery-pack architecture and the drivetrain motors, yet it is having a tough time competing with Tesla performance and sales, probably the tech and software is a hindrance for Audi at the moment.

Fifth Gear calls it a ‘Dog Fight’, probably the quietest dog fight where there is no internal combustion engine (ICE) sound is involved. Tesla CEO Elon Musk isn’t intimidated with Audi’s innovation, earlier this year he called it ‘étron’, the softest translation of this french word would be ‘turd’, here’s how he made fun of it:

British automotive journalist Jonny Smith who also hosts the popular online EV show ‘Fully Charged‘, I was expecting a bit more from Jonny, yet he failed to mention that the Tesla Model X used in this drag race video is not a Performance variant, it is a normal AWD Long Range Model X, while the Audi e-tron SUV is the top-end variant with Launch Control.

While the e-tron was put into Sports Mode + Launch Control, Tesla Model X still beat it, the finish line distance was not that much but Tesla showed what its made of, an unfair race but the ultimate electric SUV rises.

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With the Tesla Model X P100D, the scene in this race would’ve been completely different, the winning margin of the X would be much more than what it is right now.

Model X P100D has been nailing down rivals in drag races since long, the only ICE monster able to beat it was the Lamborghini Urus if the Tesla Plaid powertrain comes to the Model X a rematch will end the story for the Lambo.

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