Tesla Model X driving through the flood.

Watch a Tesla Model X driving through the flood like a boss

Michell, South Dakota — as the city is going through floods, some of the streets are engulfed in a couple of feet deep water but that was not enough to stop a Tesla Model X from crossing the small street river like a boss.

While the KSFY News reporter Colton Molesky was recording news about a flooded street, a white Tesla Model X appeared in the background and crossed street filled with water without any hesitation, the viewers and commenters on social media are still wondering what type of a car is this?

Well this is a Tesla electric SUV and that does not have an engine, we had to explicitly explain this to some of the viewers, even many Americans don’t know about Teslas or EVs much yet, especially in the Midwest there is a need for more awareness campaigns.

Although Elon Musk once said that a Tesla can become a boat for a short while and provide thrust via wheel rotation, it’s definitely not recommended by the automaker, as we have recently seen a Tesla Model S drown and totaled in the river in China.

Tesla owners can have their car warranty void if found indulging in such behavior seen in the above video, also a plethora of troubles can stem out of driving a Tesla in such conditions, cause you never know the height of the water or if there is a hidden hole created in the damaged road.

Besides this the flooding has done some significant damage to a classic motorcycle shop named Klock Werks in the same area, the shop held some rare motorbikes, also reported by ABC KSFY News.

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