Tesla Model S runs into the river in China

Tesla Model S runs into the river trying to park at a Supercharger

A Tesla Model S owner accidentally ran his car into the river while trying to park at the Supercharger station for a pack of electrons — he got H2O instead, and lots of it. Probability is that the driver pressed the acceleration pedal (called the gas pedal in ICE age) rather than the brake.

We can see in the picture above and videos below that the occupants of the Model S are all safe and sound and for the sake of modern tradition taking selfies standing on their Tesla’s glass roof — not sure what the insurance company would think of the incident but these guys look optimistic.

Although Elon Musk once said that a Tesla Model S can float well for brief periods of time and you can give thrust to the vehicle by wheel rotation, but he also said ‘We *def* don’t recommend this‘.

Tesla’s electric vehicles are built in a way they don’t suddenly drown, occupants have a window of time to get out of the vehicle before it gets really scary.

This Supercharger location is just a few feet from the river bank, the Model S driver crashed through the delicate fence directly into the river — however that fence barely had a chance against a 2-ton luxury car that can even crash through a brick wall.

Local Media also covered the instance but it is unclear till now if the car is removed from the water or it’s still staying there for a while.

Looking at the following video it seems that the car, later on, did not fully submerged because it stayed near the shore and did not go further into the stream.

According to the Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the battery-pack and drive-units are sealed but the fate of rest of the vehicle is doomed, it would be sold as a salvaged vehicle to someone interested like Rich Rebuilds or Jack Rickard of EVTV.

Video by: @ShanghaiJayin | Featured Photo by: u/c2h2pro

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