Tesla Model S burnt in semi trailer fire in Kansas City, MO

Bunch of Teslas burnt as the semi trailer catches fire while transporting them to Kansas City, MO

Oct 24, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

A sad incident happened on the I-29 highway near Cookingham Drive, Kansas City, MO around 7:45 pm yesterday — when a semi trailer caught fire and it rapidly spread to the loaded Tesla vehicles, most of them seem to be Tesla Model S in the pictures (below).

According to KMBC-TV:

First responders in Kansas City, Missouri, have closed down both the northbound and southbound lanes of Interstate 29 on Monday due to a large semitrailer fire.

According to the news agency (KMBC-TV), there were no injuries reported at the time of the news-break but initially no one knew that the semi-trailer contained several Teslas. Later Southern Platte Fire Protection District released the following photos that showed the catastrophe (hat tip: @TheTeslaLife).

The fire department stated on their Facebook Page:

Pictures just in from I-29 and Cookingham Drive where KCFD and Southern Platte Fire are on the scene of a vehicle transport fire.

Looks like some of the Teslas were totally burnt to ashes in the frontal compartments of the semi trailer, the cars in the rear seem be have been less effected by the fire.

Bright side to this heartening incident is that the first-responders were able to control the situation and there was no breaking news of Tesla battery packs exploding and situation getting out of control.

No doubt that this is a big financial loss as Tesla Model S is a expensive luxury electric car but think about the excited owners waiting for their Tesla to arrive, some disappointment on the dreams as well.

I have tried to get some more information related to the incident but got no reply from the Southern Platte Fire Protection District yet — if you happen to know more details or have pictures of the incident you can use the comments section below or DM me @IqtidarAlii

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