Belgian Federal Police's Tesla Model S on the National Day celebrations.

Belgian Federal Police’s Tesla Model S found having a blast at the 2019 National Day celebrations

Belgian Federal Police’s beautifully striped Tesla Model S appeared at the 2019 Belgium National Day celebrations — the car was having a blast at the event organized by the authority, a few pictures were posted on social media by the Tesla Owners Club Belgium (gallery below).

Two Tesla Model S vehicles were bought by the Belgian Federal Police last year as part of their plan of transitioning to greener modes of transportation, the Tesla Model S featured in the above photo is used as a patrol car by the police department, the other one is rumored to be used by the Belgian Federal Police chief.

The front fascia and headlights tell that this is a pre-facelift Tesla Model S which recently won the Motor Trend’s ultimate car of the year award, looks stunning with the color combination and customizations, not trying to be too police-esque and a sign of fear.

Belgian Federal Police's Tesla Model S part of the 2018 National Day parade outside the Royal Palace.

Above: Luxembourg Police’s Tesla Model S part of the 2018 Belgium National Day parade outside the Royal Palace. Credits: Belgian Federal Police / Facebook.

The Tesla Model S visible in this above picture is with the new front fascia and headlights which is the post-facelift Model S, the color scheme of the above car made us curious and we found out that this the Luxembourg Police’s Tesla Model S that took part in the Belgium National Day parade last year.

According to various sources the police officers receive special training to use the Tesla vehicles as they are a bit different in some aspects of driving, autopilot and infotainment, since these are customized police cars that may have special equipment installed as well.

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Gallery: Belgian Federal Police Tesla Model S

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