Luxembourg Police's Tesla Model S spotted.

Luxembourg Police’s Tesla Model S patrol car spotted in the rain

Luxembourg Police bought two top tier Tesla Model S back in 2017 but the cars weren’t a functional part of the fleet until May last year due to extensive testing and customization requirements.

One of these Luxembourg Police’s Model S car was just spotted in a traffic jam on the Luxembourg roads, the photo shot by u/EVmerch shows the beauty of the vehicle that is painted in Luxembourg flag colors (HD Photo below).

It has been almost a year since the Luxembourg Police department is using both of these Tesla Model S of which one is used as a traffic patrol car and the other is used for escorting VIPs.

In a survey by RTL Luxembourg last year the people of the country had mixed emotions about the addition of the Teslas to the Police car fleet, some thought they were expensive and some thought these are not very useful but given the country’s small land area, electric cars with reasonable range make perfect sense.

Luxembourg Police's Tesla Model S spotted in the rain and traffic jam. Photo Credits: u/EVmerch / Reddit
Luxembourg Police's Tesla Model S spotted in the rain and traffic jam. Photo Credits: u/EVmerch / Reddit

Surely this Tesla Model S patrol car looks beautiful from the rear in light drizzling rain but it’s definitely hard on the absconders with its instant electric torque and acceleration.

According to Luxemburger Wort’s report from the launch day last year, 8 police officers were trained to drive and operate the newly added Model S cars and this is part of the experiment where the Luxembourg police are testing the feasibility of electric vehicles as police cars.

The trend of adding electric vehicles especially Teslas as police cars is on the rise as we saw a highly modified Tesla Model X added to Basel City Police Department in Switzerland late last year, also Fukuoka City, Japan added 22 Nissan Leaf EVs to their traffic patrol fleet.

Recently the Fremont Police Department also added a Tesla Model S to its squadron in order to gain more speed and power over the criminals (detailed review and FPD Captain’s interview video below).

Above: The Luxembourg Police’s Tesla Model S pose for photos. Photo credits Christophe Olinger / Luxemburgur Wort

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Video: Fremont Police Department Tesla Model S — Interview

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