Custom Tesla Model 3 with 3M Satin Gray wrap

This satin gray 3M wrap turns Tesla Model 3 into a rock star

Apr 18, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

As more and more Tesla Model 3 EVs becoming available to people — more and more experiments are also surfacing.

We previously got exclusive access to the Yellow 3M wrapped Tesla Model 3 with the dashboard wrapped in carbon-fiber — now this Tesla Model 3 wrapped in Satin Gray is also looking great (HD gallery below).

This custom Model 3 wrapped in satin gray 3M was seen at Menlo Park, CA earlier this month, the estimated cost of this sort of customization is around $6,000.

Tesla Model 3 has the privilege of being the most anticipated car of the 21st century, even production problems restricting the number of people actually getting it the enthusiasm does not seem to get any low.

Earlier this month Tesla reached the goal of producing 2,000 Model 3s/week and aims to reach the 5000/week target at the end of 2nd quarter this year. Just in-case this target is achieved we will see dual-motor (all-wheel drive) Tesla Mode 3s rolling out of the Tesla factory.

Car enthusiasts have always tried to make their personal cars stand-out from the crowd and this satin gray Tesla Model 3 does just that.

Tell us how the brass logo on the front, rear and wheels is looking on this vehicle in the comments section below.

Tesla Model 3 – Satin Gray Gallery

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