Tesla Model 3 customization extravaganza

Tesla Model 3 exterior customization extravaganza

Tesla Model 3 production and deliveries are increasing, might not be up with some investor and media expectations but they are getting delivered. As with the Model 3 proliferation owners are experimenting with the car’s aesthetics to their own taste.

I thought it would be great to bring some of the cool customized Model 3 EVs to you in order to expand on the number of ideas you can apply to your Tesla Model 3.

Let’s explore some of the cool Model 3 exterior customization in this post and I will post an interior customization extravaganza later to keep the post length reasonable.

At the end it’s all about personal taste, let us know which ones you like or don’t like in the comments section below.

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Tesla Model 3 in Smurf Blue and Green Gradient
Tesla Model 3 in Smurf Blue and Green Gradient - by u/handy_nocharge from Tesla Subreddit

This one is the latest in the Model 3 customization saga, the owner truly colored it in a gradient starting from a blue from the front bumper and fusing into a unique green from the bonnet and beyond.

Not sure about you but I like this one and a lot of people on social media as well, posted by u/handy_nocharge from the Tesla Subreddit.

Matte Black Tesla Model 3
Matte Black Tesla Model 3

This Matte Black Tesla Model 3 is also from the Tesla Subreddit, posted by kvng_lonestar and got more than 6.5K upvotes — that shows it’s appealing to the masses. Actually matte colors look great on a Model 3 but Tesla seems to have kept it for the performance version as seen in the latest video from Tesla.

Although the white/silver accents look a bit much but again it’s about personal taste.

The next one is from Peter Lafford who brought a unique idea to his new Tesla Model 3 by painting the 18″ aero wheels in Silver color to match the body paint of the car — it just worked, with only $250 of expenses he saved himself from buying 19″ sport wheels for a price tag of $1,500.

His Model 3 customization got featured in a detailed story on Teslarati lately, enjoy the photo gallery and let us know your thoughts.

Yellow Tesla Model 3 - Side View
Yellow Tesla Model 3 - Rear Side View 2

This unique Tesla Model 3 is wrapped in Yellow 3M wrap with tinted windows and dash wood trim also wrapped in a carbon fiber 3M wrap. We featured this yellow Model 3 in detail with photo gallery and customization costs earlier.

The below Satin Gray custom Tesla Model 3 is a serious contender for the best customization of this electric vehicle. You can explore more photos and a full feature on this satin gray wrap Model 3 here.

Don’t forget to share these lovely Model 3s with your friends and do let us know what you think in the comments section below. Follow us on Twitter / Facebook for constant Mode 3 news and updates.

Sating Gray Wrapped Tesla Model 3 - Front View
Sating Gray Wrapped Tesla Model 3 - Front View
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