Tesla Model 3 Custom Wood Dash

Removing Tesla Model 3 dash wood trim for repaint and looking inside the ingenious air vents

May 02, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

It’s true that most of the Tesla Model 3 reservation holders and enthusiasts do not like the wood trim on the Mode 3 dashboard — even when it was seen for the first time ever last year in spy interior photos.

New owners of the Tesla Model 3 have already started experimenting with their vehicles like in the below video Karen (i1Tesla/YouTube) attempted to take off the wood trim part of the dashboard which is seen for the first time — brave attempt indeed.

He’s basically a Carpenter who seems to have great love for Tesla EVs and cats that fill his YouTube channel’s wall, so he tore off the wood trim from Model 3 dash and stained it until the wood piece gave the walnut wood look.

Also as a result of this attempt we are able to see inside the ingenious Tesla Model 3 air vents for the first time and can see how they work in managing the air-flow on the driver and passenger side and the air upwards, a simple and original Tesla idea that works.

Karen wrote in the video description;

I removed the wood dash and stained it a Walnut color. I tried to get it a black stain but the wood would not take anymore color. I like the Walnut finish with the black leather seats.

Yes ! you open the sides of the dashboard with dashboard clip opening tools (like this one for only $3.75) and try to pop up the dashboard clips upwards one by one with patience and care, if you dare (surely Tesla won’t be responsible for any damages occurring from the experiments, neither do we).

At the end the walnut look of the dash looks better than the stock veneer’s brighter tone in my opinion, let us know what you think in the comments section below).

This look and even the full black version would look even better when the Tesla Model 3 white interior is offered as an option by Tesla.

Recently another Model 3 owner wrapped his Model 3 in full Yellow color and also wrapped the dashboard wood trim with a 3M carbon fiber that looks great in pictures and 1000% better than the stock one as according to the owner.

Iqtidar Ali
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Iqtidar Ali is a long time web developer and now writing for his childhood passion 'cars' further boosted by the advent of electric vehicles especially Tesla.

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