Right-Hand-Drive Tesla Model 3 orders now open

Right-Hand-Drive Tesla Model 3 ordering is now open, starting with the UK

Tesla opens the Right-Hand-Drive Model 3 ordering page, currently only available for customers in the United Kingdom but soon to be opened the other RHD markets like Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Hong Kong.

This is a moment of joy and excitement for the UK’s reservation holders who had been patiently waiting for a little more than 3 years for the car to be available in their country.

Last week Elon Musk announced that the Model 3 order page for the RHD countries will go live by next week, this has materialized for the UK customers as of now, Tesla CEO tweeted:

Rest of the reservation holders and potential customers from the Right-Hand-Drive countries should keep their fingers crossed as the Model 3 configurator can go online for them any day now (check out UK pricing for RHD Model 3 below).

Tesla Model 3 UK ordering page screenshot showing pricing and variant options.
Tesla Model 3 UK ordering page screenshot showing pricing and variant options.

Earlier this week Tesla registered almost ~40k Model 3 VINs with the NHTSA but this huge batch of vehicle identification numbers did not contain any Right-Hand-Drive numbers, which might mean there are no RHD Model 3s under production at this time.

The Model 3 online configurator for the United Kingdom shows the estimated delivery time by June, Tesla is not displaying a concrete timeline like they usually do by showing 2 weeks, 4 weeks, etc. so deliveries might start after the 2nd week of June.

Tesla Model 3 UK Pricing

Tesla Model 3 prices for the UK are way higher than in the United States even after a generous £3,500 UK Plug-In Car Grant, the prices displayed on the Model 3 UK ordering page include the VAT, the £3,500 grant and £850 destination charges.

Following is the list of RHD Model 3 variants available to the UK customers and their pricing:

  • Standard Range Plus – £38,900 (Range: 2588 miles)
  • Long Range All-Wheel Drive – £47,900 (Range: 348 miles)
  • Model 3 Performance – £56,900 (Range: 329 miles)

The range is based on the WLTP estimates. VAT numbers vary for all 3 available variants due to price differences, check out the UK Model 3 ordering page on Tesla’s website.

Hopefully delivering Model 3s to the UK and other RHD markets will improve Tesla’s sales and revenue position in the next quarter or in Q3 as a lot of RHD Model 3s will still be in transit in July.

You can follow our co-author Paul Atkins (@ElecVehicleGuy) to keep up to date with the Model 3 scene in the UK and ask any questions you might have since he has ordered a Long Range AWD Model 3 in blue color and we can’t wait to get a close look at it in one of his videos after getting the delivery.

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