Video: Tesla Autopilot handling the road without lane markings.

Watch Tesla Autopilot handle the ‘road without lane markings’ like a pro

Tesla Autopilot and Full Self-Driving software just keep getting better and better with time, in the latest video below we can see how Autopilot on a Tesla Model 3 handles a road that has ‘no lane markings’ — yes, this is pretty amazing to watch actually.

Silicon Valley-based Tesla Inc. promotes the current state of its software as most suitable for highway driving which has clear lane markings, speed limit signs, and other assistive marks but on the hind side Tesla’s Autopilot neural network vision is constantly evolving with data of millions of miles daily with a 550k car fleet worldwide and growing.

Earlier this month top executives and tech geniuses from Tesla organized an event called the ‘Tesla Autonomy Day‘ where the company gave around 4 hours of presentations on their progress towards a Full Self-Driving future.

On the Tesla Autonomy Day, Tesla showed how a Tesla Model 3 drove on the Californian highways without any input from the driver during the entire journey — but we can see in the latest video below from the All Electric YouTube channel that the car can even handle roads without any lane markings easily (*trying this is not recommended or endorsed by us for obvious safety reasons).

Let’s watch how a Tesla Model 3 with the 2019.8.5 firmware update handles roads without lane markings.

Yes! this was amazing to watch, short but interesting, the car even handles the curves without any issues at all.

Tesla FSD setup utilizing 8 cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and 1 front radar on an Autopilot Hardware 2+ car can now predict paths as we can see in a video by Tesla below, besides not having the development build of the FSD software demonstrated on the Tesla Autonomy Day, the path prediction on the current vehicles still looks fascinating.

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Tesla Full Self-Driving computer unveiled at the Tesla Autonomy Day.
Tesla Full Self-Driving computer unveiled at the Tesla Autonomy Day.

On the same Tesla Autonomy Investor Day, Tesla also unveiled its Full Self-Driving computer, the specs of the Tesla FSD Computer (pictured above) with dual redundancy is way beyond any self-driving chip available today, it took 3 years for the Tesla chip design team lead by Director Peter Bannon to develop this behemoth of a processor in a super tiny form factor.

Let us know how you find Autopilot’s drive on road lacking lane markings in the comments section below.

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