Tesla Model 3 Price Comparison 2019

Tesla Model 3 price comparison chart – 2019

After the climax of Tesla Model 3 production hell, delivery logistics hell and the pricing hell, Tesla seems to have settled a bit on Model 3 variants and the pricing structure, other automakers also have pricing updates with their Model 3 competitor EVs and ICE Sedans.

We did a similar Model 3 pricing comparison last year that we decided to keep archived just-in-case we need to compare them on a year to year basis. Looking at the price comparison table below it seems like all of the US automakers have increased prices this year while Audi leading the price hike.

Chevrolet Bolt EV prices have kept stable this year, Nissan Leaf has gotten a bigger 62 kWh battery pack that gives the car a comparable 226 miles of range in the same price bracket as Tesla Model 3.

Apparently, Mercedes Benz got rid of the C Class Plug-in Hybrid variant which was available last year, we were not able to find this car on their website.

For Toyota Camry, we just included the Hybrid variants as there are 10+ trims available for the car (insane) because Hybrids are relatively closer to electric vehicles (oops, there is nothing like a self-charging electric car — Toyota!)

* Prices are MSRP / Starting (no optional features added)

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ModelTrim / VariantStarting Price (MSRP)Source / More Info
2019 Audi A4 SedanPremium$42,000Audi USA | Switch to detailed comparison
2019 Audi A4 SedanPremium Plus$42,900Audi USA
2019 Audi A4 SedanPrestige$46,200Audi USA
2019 Tesla Model 3Dual-Motor Long Range
(standard Solid Black paint + stock 18" wheels)
$49,500Tesla Inc. | Model 3 news, updates and more
2019 Tesla Model 3Dual-Motor Performance
(20" performance wheels included)
$59,500Tesla Inc.
2019 Tesla Model 3Standard Range Plus
(Autopilot Included, Partial Premium Interior)
$39,500Tesla Inc.
2019 Tesla Model 3Standard Range$35,000Tesla Inc. (Only available in physical stores)
2019 BMW 3 Series 330i SedanSport Line$34,900BMW USA | Switch to detailed comparison
2019 BMW 3 Series 330i SedanLuxury$42,200BMW USA
2019 BMW 3 Series 330i SedanM Sport$45,250BMW USA
2019 Nissan LeafS (40 kWh / 150 miles EPA)$29,990Nissan USA | Switch to detailed comparison
2019 Nissan LeafSV (40 kWh / 150 miles EPA)$32,600Nissan USA
2019 Nissan LeafSL (40 kWh / 150 miles EPA)$36,300Nissan USA
2019 Nissan LeafS Plus (62 kWh / 226 miles EPA)$36,550Nissan USA
2019 Nissan LeafSV Plus (62 kWh / 226 miles EPA)$38,510Nissan USA
2019 Nissan LeafSL Plus (62 kWh / 226 miles EPA)$42,550Nissan USA
2019 Chevrolet Bolt EVLT$37,495Chevrolet USA
2019 Chevrolet Bolt EVPremier$41,895Chevrolet USA
2019 Mercedes C 300Sedan$41,400Mercedes USA
2019 Mercedes C 3004MATIC Sedan$43,400Mercedes USA
2019 Mercedes AMG C 43Sedan$55,250Mercedes USA
2019 Mercedes AMG C 63Sedan$67,000Mercedes USA
2019 Mercedes AMG C 63S Sedan$74,600Mercedes USA
2019 Honda Accord SedanLX 1.5T$23,720Honda USA
2019 Honda Accord SedanHybrid$25,320Honda USA
2019 Honda Accord SedanSport$26,180Honda USA
2019 Honda Accord SedanEX / Hybrid$27,620Honda USA
2019 Honda Accord SedanEX-L / Hybrid$30,120Honda USA
2019 Honda Accord SedanTouring / Hybrid$34,990Honda USA
2019 Toyota CamryHybrid LE$28,250Toyota USA
2019 Toyota CamryHybrid SE$29,250Toyota USA
2019 Toyota CamryHybrid XLE$32,825Toyota USA
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