Tesla Model S safety tested in a truck collision.

Tesla Model S Safety Again Put To Test In A Crash With MAZ Crane Truck

Dec 20, 2016 | by Iqtidar Ali

Model S has been claimed by Tesla to have a segment-leading 5 star safety rating and it has been proven with some brutal road crashes in recent months. After the flying 30 ft in the air Model S bulldozing a Mercedes and some others, this new incident took place in Tallinn, Estonia.

The Soviet-era old model 20,000 lbs (~9,000 kg) truck manufactured by MAZ (a Belarusian truck manufacturer) fitted with a crane hit a ~4,800 lbs (~2,150 kg) white Model S on the highway.

According to the Model S driver his vehicle was at low speed while the truck approaching was faster that resulted in a head-to-head collision.

Soviet Kamazi Truck hitting Tesla Model S
Soviet Kamazi Truck hitting Tesla Model S. Click/Tap To Zoom-in. Credits: Genius.ee
Tesla Model S Safety - Cabin After Crash
Tesla Model S Safety - Cabin After Crash. Click/Tap To Zoom-in. Credits: Genius.ee

By looking at the interior of the crashed Model S we see that the cabin is almost in a good shape and all air-bags are deployed. This was possible due to the fact that Model S has a large nose (frunk/crumple zone) area that was able to absorb most of the impact and save the passenger cabin.

The driver of the Model S only got his knee injured in such a severe accident and was fine at the hospital when local media reached for a word.

Tesla Model S safety rating surely exceeds 5 stars as claimed by Elon Musk since there has been no fatality in the recent crashes. This shows Tesla’s commitment to the welfare & safety of the car occupants.

This news story was originally broken by Genius.ee (click for detailed photos) a local Estonian Tech & News website.

Correction: Actually it’s a truck from MAZ Belarus not KamAZ Russia. Thanks to our FB friend Michael Beinenson for his feedback.

Some More Photos From The Crash

Click/Tap photos to zoom-in.

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