Tesla Model S crashes in Austria occupants safely walked away

Occupants walk away unharmed from a totaled Tesla Model S in Austria

May 25, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

Early morning today a Tesla Model S was crashed into a chapel in Peilstein, Austria. The driver and passenger walked away unharmed on their own feet from the accident scene as reported by a local news website ff-peilstein.at.

The two boys riding the car were able to get out of the vehicle by themselves and even called the emergency service from their phone. Tesla Model S was totaled and the chapel was also totally destroyed by the intensity of the crash (HD photos below).

No information is yet available on what speed the car was driving at but the Tesla claim of manufacturing the safest cars is proved yet again. One of the pictures also show that all the air-bags of the car were successfully deployed and roof is intact in-spite of hitting a concrete chapel and going under some rubble.

Tesla vehicles have a safety rating of 5 stars in all segments not just overall and we have seen several proofs lately like the Model X T-boned just before John’s wedding night (San Jose, CA) a couple of weeks ago and from last year a Model S crash head-to-head with a Maz crane truck in Estonia and a flying Model S bulldozing a Mercedes from 30 ft. in the air (London).

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Photo Credits/More Photos: www.ff-peilstein.at

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  • X Auto
    Posted at 11:06h, 26 May Reply

    It’s provent time and again the Tesla vehicles are the safest ones around, Thanks Tesla & Elon !

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