Tesla Model 3 Performance vs. Model S P100D vs. Model X vs. Model 3 Standard Range Plus drag race.

Tesla Model S P100D vs. Model 3 Performance vs. Model X drag race

Now this drag race is different from the previous ones where Teslas competed against other EVs or shamed the gas guzzlers for their luggish performance, this time it is the entire production lineup of Tesla cars contesting to show-off their electric muscle.

AutoTrader took a Tesla Model S P100D vs. a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus, and a Tesla Model X Long Range AWD in the first race, the Model S P100D being the quickest production car (electric or not) wins this race with a considerable margin.

But in the next race, a Tesla Model 3 Performance takes its place on the drag strip but it’s still no match for the Model S P100D that is also very clear by looking at the following performance stats of all four Teslas involved in this drag race. However, this time the Model 3 Performance came took the 2nd position, the video does not share the time slips, so we won’t know the exact times when the cars crossed the finish line.

Performance Specs and Price Comparison

OptionsTesla Model S P100DTesla Model 3 PerformanceTesla Model 3 SR+Tesla Model X Long Range AWD
Top Speed163 mph162 mph140 mph155 mph
0-60 mph2.4s3.2s5.3s4.4s

Although the official 0-60 mph of the Model 3 Performance is mentioned as 3.2 seconds, a Model 3 Performance owner @TesLatino was able to crank out a record 0-60 lap at 3.02s — Tesla normally sandbags the numbers, like they’re currently doing with the Model Y range — also in a recent paid over-the-air software update Tesla improved the 0-60 time of the Model 3 AWD from 4.4s to 3.9s, tests showed that they were even better around 3.7s.

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