Tesla Semi Truck carrying a Tesla Model X on empty trailer

Tesla President of Automotive ‘wows’ industry executives with a Tesla Semi teaser pic

Tesla’s President of Automotive Jerome Guillen earned praise from the various top and mid-level executives from the automotive industry by sharing a Tesla Semi Truck’s photo on his LinkedIn profile. The photos (above and below) shows a Tesla Semi Truck’s empty trailer carrying a Tesla Model X with open falcon wing doors which he referred to as ‘Aircraft carrier?’

The photo is taken at the Kettleman City Supercharger station which has lately been a spot for various Tesla Semi Truck spottings, like the most recent red Tesla Semi.

Jerome Guillen’s post got some rave comments from distinguished industry experts and executives from Harley Davidson, Daimler, and Panasonic Automotive, following are some of these comments:

Fantastic progress, electrifying mobility is exciting. Now we have to work to ensure the infrastructure is available to build confidence with all road users — Marc McAllisterVP Product Portfolio at Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Wow! — David HopkinsManager HR Service Center at Daimler Trucks North America

you guys should build a Energy trailer to attach. Max load of batteries integrated. For future hurricanes and natural disasters, you could dispatch 5-10 trucks to use as microgrids. — Andrew SmolaWorkforce Analytics Lead at Panasonic Automotive

It is interesting that employees link to companies like Daimler are also praising the Tesla Semi electric-truck, besides recently Daimler CEO downplaying Tesla, saying the trucking business is not easy and Tesla will have a hard time penetrating the market.

I also asked the Harley-Davidson’s VP of Product Portfolio about their electrification plans to which he replied:

we are making great progress, just launched our LiveWire motorcycle, the first electric connected large motorcycle.

Seems like Harley-Davidson is well aware of the electric vehicle disruption and moving in the right direction to embrace the change, at the same time several big players are in denial and probably will meet the fate of Nokia and Kodak.

LinkedIn comments screenshot on Jerome Guillen's post by industry peers.
LinkedIn comments screenshot on Jerome Guillen's post by industry peers.
Tesla Semi Truck carrying a Tesla Model X on empty trailer

Click/Tap images to load a high-res version. Photo by: Jerome Guillen / LinkedIn

The above picture of the Tesla Semi with the Model X shows the attached trailer having a slope at the rear end, possibly Tesla’s version of a car carrier which Jerome hints as ‘Aircraft carrier’.

What this picture also suggests is that we will see Tesla Semi Trucks delivering Tesla vehicles to the Tesla Showrooms in the future but first Tesla will have to deliver more than 600 Tesla Semis to customers worldwide who have placed pre-orders with huge amounts of money.

Tesla Semi Truck has been doing test cargo trips between Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada to the Tesla Fremont Factory since March last year — the electric truck from Tesla is also seen doing insane amount of acceleration on the freeways with cargo trailer attached.

Tesla Semi was recently shown to TCI Transportation in an organized event, who have placed a pre-order of 50 Tesla Semi electric-trucks and are playing their part in the electric vehicle adoption in the logistics industry.

Tell us your thoughts about the Tesla Semi truck and its impact on the future of sustainability in the comments section below.

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