Tesla Model X fleet ready for delivery in China.

Tesla Model 3 production up 135% and deliveries 175% since 2019, more Tesla growth stats

Tesla Inc. (TSLA) yesterday released the production and delivery numbers for Q3, 2019 — it is by far the best quarter in the Silicon Valley-based automaker’s entire mass manufacturing history.

Tesla delivered a total of 97,000 Model S, Model 3, and Model X combined in Q3, 2019 vs. 95,200 cars delivered in the 2nd quarter of the current year, that is a +1.8% growth QoQ.

While looking at the production numbers (check detailed table below) — the total production at Tesla’s Fremont factory increased by +10.4% compared to Q2, 2019, this is where the strength lies, Tesla is constantly getting efficient at faster production.

Except for the Tesla Model S/X delivery numbers which saw a -1.4% decline, Tesla delivered more S and X vehicles than it produced, this mainly happened due to the backlog inventory clearance of the S and X.

Tesla Production and Deliveries Q1, Q2, Q3, 2019 and YTD Totals

 Model S/X ProductionModel S/X DeliveriesModel 3 ProductionModel 3 DeliveriesTotal ProductionTotal Deliveries
Q1, 201914,15012,10062,95050,90077,10063,000
Q2, 201914,517 (+2.59%)17,650 (+45.8%)72,531 (+15.2%)77,550 (+52.3%)87,048 (+12.9%)95,200 (+51%)
Q3, 201916,318 (+12.4%)17,400 (-1.4%)79,837 (+10%)79,600 (+2.64%)96,155 (+10.4%)97,000 (+1.8%)
YTD Q3, 201944,98547,150215,318208,050260,303255,200

It is even more interesting to look at the production and delivery numbers from last year as well (see table below), the proliferation of Tesla Model 3 globally has enabled Tesla to achieve some astounding growth figures which wouldn’t have been possible with offering only premium vehicles like the Model S and X.

While the production and delivery has dropped to -41% and -34% for the Model S and X, it has grown by +135% and +175% for the Model 3 repectively for the first 3 quarters of 2019 vs. 2018 — the Model 3 production and deliveries have grown 2x+ this year and we have the full Q4 remaining ahead of the automaker.

Tesla’s Q4, 2019 should be expected even bigger, and should exceed the psychologial barrier of 100k+ deliveries as rapid expansions are taking place in China and Europe.

Tesla Production and Deliveries Q3, 2018 vs. Q3, 2019 and YTD Comparisons

 Model S/X ProductionModel S/X DeliveriesModel 3 ProductionModel 3 DeliveriesTotal ProductionTotal Deliveries
Q3, 201826,90327, 66053,23955,84080,14283,500
Q3, 201916,318 (-39%)17,400 (-37%)79,837 (+50%)79,600 (+42.5%)96,155 (+20%)97,000 (+16%)
YTD Q3, 201876,39271,76091,58375,390167,930147,150
YTD Q3, 201944,985 (-41%)47,150 (-34%)215,318 (+135%)208,050 (+175%)260,303 (+55%)255,200 (+73.5%)
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Interesting Facts!

Tesla has produced 370,980 Model 3s till Q3, 2019 since the first production Tesla Model 3 rocked the world in July 2017 — VIN #1 Model 3 is owned by Elon Musk himself, gifted to him by a Tesla Director of the Board at the time.

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