First Production Tesla Model 3 Rocks The World – All photos, video and info

Jul 10, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

Last week has been both a pain and joyful time specially for the Model 3 reservation holders, from the painful wait on the Model 3 production news to seeing the first production Tesla Model 3.

But it turned out to be all smiles at the end when Elon Musk released two photos (below) of the stunning Black Model 3 production version.

As soon as the first picture hit the shores of Twitter & Instagram, the like, comment and retweet counters exploded, at the time of this writing there are 637,000 total likes on both these social networks.

First photo of the first production Tesla Model 3
First photo of the first production Tesla Model 3 - By Elon Musk/Tesla Inc.

This time Tesla chose to produce the first Model 3 in Black color as opposed to the first production Model S which was in ‘Signature Red‘ color which is owned by Steve Jurveston (Tesla investor & Board Member).

Elon Musk posted the 2nd photo of the production Model 3 around 40 mins later that showed the full side profile of the most anticipated car of the year.

2nd photo of the first production Tesla Model 3
2nd photo of the first production Tesla Model 3 - By Elon Musk/Tesla Inc.

There is an intense discussion going on at the Tesla subreddit where several animated & morphing GIFs are posted to compare the design changes between the prototype and the production version.

Looking at the morphing gif below created by u/McHoffa shows significant change on the front fascia design from the prototype. The nose on the production version looks less sharper and reclining, also the hood seems to hide

Tesla Model 3: Prototype to Production visual comparison

Tesla Model 3: Prototype to Production visual comparison. By u/McHoffa

By closely looking at the production Tesla Model 3 photos and video (below) we see the infamous panel gaps and misalignment issues present on the release candidates are taken care of giving the electric vehicle for the masses a cleaner more finished look.

But both photos and the video failed to show the world a view where we could analyze the gap between the frunk and the bumper which has been a matter of concern for the Model 3 reservation holders.

Let’s look at the video caught by TehBestGamer505 (YouTube), where he was lucky enough to be present at the ongoing Model 3 photo shoot outside the Fremont Factory and caught some footage of his own.

As for those wondering who is the owner of the first ever Model 3? It’s no other than the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk himself.

Actually the first reservation against the full payment of the car was held by a venture capitalist Ira Ehrenpreis who gifted his spot as Elon Musk’s 46th birthday present.

Let the rest of the world know your thoughts about the impact Tesla Model 3 is making towards a sustainable future in the comment section below.

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