Tesla Model 3 CCS2 plug for Europe

Tesla Model 3 Europe is coming with a CCS2 charge port, Model S and X adapter also in the works

Nov 14, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

Good news has started coming for the Tesla Model 3 reservation holders and potential future owners in Europe since yesterday as Tesla started a region-wide display of their highly anticipated compact electric sedan.

Today Tesla has confirmed that the automaker will be bringing Tesla Model 3’s European edition with a CCS2 charge-port as standard — this will give Model 3 owners the ability to use a wide-spread charging network to their benefit.

Talking to Auto Express Tesla’s head of global charging infrastructure, Drew Bennett confirmed that a Combined Charging System 2 (CCS2/Combo 2) adapter is also in the works for Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X, he said:

We’ll be continuing to invest in our network – that’s a huge part of the ownership experience. But we’ll be enabling our owners to have access to the CCS networks that are starting to grow in Europe, so the Model 3 will have a charge port for the CCS standard and we’ll also have an adaptor for Model S and X.

CHAdeMO adapter for the U.S. Model S and X owners costs $450 and a CCS2 adapter for Europe is rumored to be in the price bracket of €500. Of course, this means that the standard Supercharger cable will not work with a European Tesla Model 3 – so Tesla Supercharger stations in Europe will be retrofitted with a CCS2 cable, confirmed by Tesla Support website:

Model 3

Combined Charging System 2 (Combo 2)
Will Model 3 have access to the Supercharger network in Europe?
Yes. We will retrofit existing Supercharger stations with dual charge cables that are compatible with Combined Charging System Combo 2 and DC Type 2 connectors.

Does Model 3 have access to the Destination Charging network in Europe?
Yes. Model 3 can charge on any Type 2 AC connector, including Tesla Wall Connectors at Destination Charging locations.

Currently, Tesla has 3,600 Superchargers installed at 430 locations across the European region and with the ability of CCS2 fast-charging, Tesla’s electric-vehicles will have an endless supply of electronic fuel on the longest of journeys even.

Bennett also confirmed that they’re talking to other car manufacturers for a possibility of them using the Supercharger network for their EV charging, let’s see how it turns out for the betterment of sustainability.

CCS2 charging port implementation on Tesla Model 3 will also allow owners to charge from the widely available Ionity fast charging network for further convenience.

Tesla Model 3 is on display in several cities across entire Europe as of writing this piece, you can check the event details and information on City/Country here. We will soon be updating on the display events with pictures, videos, and information as they become available.

Further in-depth and technical discussion on this topic can be listened to by our beloved Bjørn Nyland in the following video:

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