Tesla Model 3 as yello cab/taxi.

Tesla Model 3 becomes the first all-electric cab approved by NYC

The City of New York (NYC) puts Tesla Model 3 on the approved list of yellow cabs, Model 3 is the first-ever all-electric car to make it to the list. Previously some hybrid cars were on the list such as the Toyota RAV4, Toyota Prius, Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid, and Ford Fusion Hybrid (see full list below).

Although the age of the Robotaxi is a bit far in the future, this is a good start that different levels of governments around the world are recognizing electric cars as an alternative for traditional vehicles.

Right now around the globe Tesla vehicles are being used as Ambulances and Police Cruisers until the Tesla ridesharing service is launched, owners are also earning from their Teslas via Uber and similar services.

List of approved vehicles for NYC yellow cabs, Tesla Model 3 included.

List of approved vehicles for NYC yellow cabs, Tesla Model 3 included. Source: The City of New York

Tesla Model 3 Interior Vinyl Kit

Although it is not clear that if the authorities will allow the use of Autopilot/Self-Driving on these taxis or by customization these software portions will be locked, also Taxi drivers in the NYC are notorious for rash driving, the Tesla Model 3 launch control/full energy throttle might also be banned but this is just conjecture.

The use of electric taxis will reduce the carbon emissions significantly, more than 3x lower than an internal combustion engine (ICE) car, the Math for this was done by a Redditor from the Tesla Subreddit:

70000 mi / 300 mi per charge = 233.33 charges per year 233.33 * 60kwh per charge = 13999.8 kwh per year 13999.8 kwh * 1.22 lbs of co2 generated from the average grid load zone = 17080 lbs of co2 per Tesla taxi.

However, 70000 mi / 25 mpg ICE taxi = 2800 gallons per year “2800 gallons per year * 19.64 lbs of co2 per gallon = 54992″ lbs of co2 per ICE taxi per year. So it is huge savings. 38k lbs of savings.

If NY commissions solar/wind capacity to service these cars or just follows through on their renewables targets then the carbon/air quality savings are even more pronounced if not zero.

If the Taxi fleets in busy cities like New York and Los Angeles slowly shift towards electric mobility, we can save millions of tons of CO2 that will otherwise enter the atmosphere.

The City of London is taking keen action in this scenario and has started a project where they will be building 50.000 EV charging points by 2025, also by 2030 all new cars and vans sold in London will be fully electric, ICE car sales will be banned.

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