Model X vs Hellcat Drag Race

Drag Race – Model X vs Dodge Challenger Hellcat

In the most recent episode of BBC Top Gear on Nov 3 they have reviewed Tesla Model X. The most interesting part of the show to me was when they put Dodge Challenger Hellcat with 707 hp against the Model X. But when Ludicrous Mode is ON it’s no big feat for the Model X vs Hellcat !

Rory Reid takes us to the busy streets of New York to show the everyday usage of the Model X. He wanders around 200 miles accross the NY State and has still got 21 miles left in his battery to go. Mr. Reid is convinced that Electric Cars are the future and you can’t stop the future from coming.

Update: Top Gear have removed the review video from their YouTube channel and put it on their own TGTV website.

We already have seen Model S taking down multiple Hellcats previously this year  in the below video. Just enjoy the chills in your spine because Ludicrous mode has only been beaten by Rimac Concept_One till today.

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