Tesla Model 3 at the party

Model 3 Shows Glass Roof Shots And New Steering At Tesla Q3 Party

Update Apr 06, 2017: Production Candidate Model 3 spotted in the wild while testing. Click here for HD Video and Photos !

Elon Musk threw a great party 5th Nov, Saturday Night for the Tesla employees, friends and families at in San Jose’s Avaya Stadium. The company celebrated their second ever most profitable quarter in the party with Musk looking real happy with all the Tesla team.

Tesla Model 3 was the centerpiece of attention at the coveted event and people were seen roaming around the car. Smiling faces around the car were a clear sign that people are excited and happy of how their future vehicle looks like.


Model 3 was again spotted at the party but this time we see closeup shots of the glass roof on and a new steering wheel. This Model 3 looks stunning but the interior looks very minimalist at at this time but remember this is not the final version.

The glass-roof on the Model 3 is both UV and IR (for heat) protective to help people wander in their electric wonder in both cold and hot weather.

Model 3 Q3 Party Gallery

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Time remains to tell if this glass roof will have the solar cells to charge the battery. As promised we have updated the photos for the event but still on the hunt. Model 3 photos from the 28 Oct Powerwall 2 Event here.

Credits: Teslarati / Ryaneager@Imgur

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