Elon Musk vs Bob Lutz

Elon Musk vs Bob Lutz – Today And The Past

Wednesday 26th Oct 2016 became the day when Tesla/Elon Musk followers were declared a “cult” by the former Vice Chairman of General Motors, Bob Lutz. Bob has been critiquing the way Elon is doing for quite some time now, looks like after retirement he has much to talk about in his free time.

Elon Musk vs Bob Lutz rivalry has been going on for a while but yesterday Bob became a bit harsh but Tesla didn’t officially respond to CNBC‘s request for a comment.

Dear Cult Members, I love you - Elon
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The way Elon responded to Bob’s bashing on Twitter again shows his capacity to handle situations smoothly without getting broke. So we are pretty sure Tesla & Elon will pass through this hard time with the love and support of the “cult society” who apparently worships Elon according to Mr. Lutz.

The Tesla community at large took Bob’s comments seriously and many think He’s somehow jealous or at least envious of the young visionary. However, Elon’s response did increase the excitement, love, and trust of his followers, customers, and fans.

In an old Elon and Bob debate video from 2011 (video below), Bob admits that the Model S “is clearly one of the best medium-sized to large-sized 4 door sedans of the world today“. He also has said before that Tesla’s Roadster inspired the birth of GM’s Chevy Volt.

Face to Face Debate Video Elon Musk and Bob Lutz

Bob can’t see that Elon Musk has delivered a thing except for increasingly negative cash-flow, increasing lack of profitability, more and more capital spending and this acquisition of Solar City. He thinks Elon is tying two sinking ships together and this business is going to go bankrupt.

According to Bob Lutz the volume production of the Tesla Model 3 is not going to save the company. In his era of Chairmanship at GM, the company had to get a $11.2 billion bailout package out of tax payer’s money.

Exclusive Model 3 HD Photos
Tesla vs GM Stock Position
Tesla vs GM Stock Position

Tesla’s cash position improved earlier in the 2nd quarter to $3.25 Billion as of Jun 30th, 2016 in part due to a $1.7 billion offering in May. Looking at the graph Mr. Lutz should be more concerned about the health of General Motors, not Tesla.

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