Tesla Model 3 Latest Footages: ‘Signature Red’, Red & White showing wooden trim on dash

May 27, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

So the time is coming close for Tesla and Elon Musk to give something special as promised in a tweet previously for the 31st March, 2016 reservation holders. Most Tesla Model 3 experts, reservation holders and fans believe that this ‘something special’ will be an exclusive ‘Signature Red’ color.

Signature Red is a Tesla vehicles specific color with a darker and deeper tone extinguishing it from a regular red color for cars. We have put together an image of two Tesla Model S in regular and signature red colors for a quick comparison (below).

Regular vs Signature Red on a Tesla Model S
Regular vs Signature Red on a Tesla Model S. Click/Tap to zoom-in

So a video (below) of the same ‘signature red’ color was caught on camera by Roger Li (Instagram) while he was driving around Tesla HQ in Palo Alto, CA yesterday.

This confirms this exclusive color is in-production and might be expected by early reservation holders as a token of gratitude by Tesla Inc.

Tesla Model 3 spotted ! It's very nice car!#teslamodel3 #tesla #teslacar

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While another video (below) of the regular red Model 3 was spied by Raj Mathai (Primary News Anchor + Sports Director Emeritus for NBC Bay Area) and posted to twitter.

We can see the difference of color in both videos and definitely the one caught by Roger is the ‘signature red’.

Another video of the white Tesla Model 3 was captured by Northern California Dashcam (YouTube) and the cameraman was able to keep up with Model 3 and took some very close HD footage while driving on the San Mateo bridge.

At one moment the photographer was able to take a few glimpses of the interior of the car and it clearly shows that the Model 3 dash has a wood trim (photo below) and still has only one center screen. The dashboard and interior are simple and minimalist as seen in the early prototypes and should be expected by the future owners.

White Model 3 shows dash with wood trim
White Model 3 shows dash with wood trim - Click/Tap to zoom-in & share !

Tesla has officially confirmed that Model 3 will only have one center screen and No Hud or instrument panel will be offered in a recent features comparison chart they released recently. Let’s look at the white Model 3 video;

Model 3 release candidate videos and spy-shots are erupting now on a daily basis as the final unveil in July nears. The color gamut of spotted Tesla Model 3 release candidats has grown from five to six now consisting of Black, White, Blue, Red, Silver and Signature Red.

Model 3 release candidates are however not representative of the final production cars and will only be unveiled in the final Model 3 unveil in July.

Tesla has not yet announced a specific date for the most awaited event of the year for  400,000+ reservation holders willing to drive an affordable electric sedan for $35,000 or even less with Federal and State level Electric Vehicle incentives.

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