Tesla Model 3 Will Have A Solar Charging Roof – More Updates From November

Sweet November has been loaded with Tesla & Elon Musk news, updates and stories, so we are going to cover each and everything in multiple articles for you to have a great time this Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Model 3 made it’s last public appearance Nov 5 at the Tesla Q3 Party after the Powerwall 2 & Solar Roof launch event on October 28th. Let’s see what is latest for the Model 3 below, news is sorted in order of significance of the features.

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1. Will Tesla Model 3 have “Solar” Charging Roof?

Yes I didn’t write “Solar” by mistake, Model 3 prototypes already have a full glass roof stretching from the windshield to the rear window but now we are also expecting an active Solar roof that will actually help charge the car and give you more free miles. I haven’t made up this story as you might expect, this has come from Elon Musk earlier this month in response to a couple of Tweets from Tesla enthusiasts (see below).

Elon Tweets About Solar Roof Model 3
Elon Tweets About Solar Roof Model 3. (Twitter)

So from the proof above the Tesla community at large should be expecting the charging solar roof as an option and maybe not available for the first batch of delivery which is expected in mid 2017.

The solar charging roof would produce more than 5 kWh of energy to charge Model 3 while running or stationary in an open parking space. This would only be achievable if the Solar roof is a retractable hard top. That is going to be one hell of an option for the Model 3 owners who want to go long drives and also for people staying in offices all day to have some FREE charging from Mother Nature.

Solar Chargers Charging In Street Possibility
Elon Musk replies to possible street charging with solar roofs and says it will be interesting !

In another tweet Elon Musk replied about the cost of the Solar Roof on a Model 3;

Elon Musk Reply To Solar Roof Cost
Elon Musk replies to Solar Roof cost on Model 3 roof.

@MacTechGenius asks “Would a solar roof car roof be super expensive?” and Elon Musk simply replies “No”. There is a reason behind why we should believe in Elon’s response is because this guy has done what he said in terms of scientific achievements and actually making long-range EVs while others were simply denying the fact that it could be done.

So we are going to have Solar Roofs on Model 3 as an option in the future and why not for Model S as well since it has already adopted the Glass Roof from Model 3 this month. If you love this topic you can start a thread in our dedicated Tesla Forums.

Tesla Model 3 - Signature Red

2. Something Special For Mar 31 Reservation Holders

So that’s another Easter Egg which Elon Musk likes to throw every now and then. He also announced this on Twitter in reply to @Ryan McCaffrey‘s question about giving the Signature Red paint as an option for the Mar 31st reservation holders but Elon didn’t say yes to this query but He actually promised to offer something special for these early adopters for showing their confidence in Tesla and their new endeavour.

No one knows what this “something special” would be but this should be better than what Ryan is asking for and we hope for the best.

Elon Musk Reply: Something Special for Mar 31 Reservation Holders
Elon Musk Reply: Something Special for Mar 31 Reservation Holders.

3. New Steering Wheel

At the Q3 Tesla Party we saw the Model 3 having a huge amount of attention from the attendees and viral pictures erupted all over the internet. The significant update we see in those pictures was the new 3 spoke steering wheel as compared to the dumb old two spoke steering.

However these changes are not yet final as the final version is yet to unveiled and that is expected to happen in the part 3 of the unveil event estimated Mar 31, 2017

You can browse rest of the high-res pictures from the party by Clicking Here.

4. Model 3 Nominated for What Car 2017 Reader’s Award

Do you think Tesla Model 3 is the most anticipated car of 2017? If yes you can vote it to get on top of the list here: www.wcreaderaward.com. Our beloved Model is competing there with the likes of Civic Type-R and Jaguar i-Pace, so do vote and put it on the top !

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