High Res closeup shot of Tesla Model 3 Wheel

High quality photo of an unloading Tesla Model 3 show clear wheel and front-side detail

May 25, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

The Model 3 fever is all time high as July nears the grand finale launch of the most anticipated car of the year. ‘Sugiwidjaja’ (Instagram) caught one of the closest and clearest picture (below) of the Model 3 wheel and front-side profile yet. I am sure many people will lean towards a white Model 3 after seeing this picture and the ones who cancelled their orders after the Model 3 features comparison handout leaked a couple of days ago.

The beautiful wheels of this white release candidate match very closely with the prototype we have seen specially at the Tesla Q3 Party last year and the Powerwall 2.0 launch. This is probably the first closest shot of the front side profile showing improvements in gaps and better finish overall.

The headlight also looks great in the photo and over all front design from this angle is a thing of beauty. One picture of the vehicle unloading in reverse gear also show the reverse-lights in ON state. Let’s enjoy the photos and these surely add up to the enthusiasm and feels July is a bit far away for reservation holders.

*Click the photos to zoom-in, download & share. Credits: ‘Sugiwidjaja’ (Instagram)

Iqtidar Ali

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