Tesla Model 3 key fob pairing and functions

First Look: Tesla Model 3 key fob in action, unboxing, pairing, key ring

Nov 13, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

Tesla introduced a 3rd option for locking/unlocking a Tesla Model 3 in the form of a key fob — the Model 3 key fob option emerged as a result of some owners facing passive entry issues with Tesla mobile app and a bit of inconvenience using the key card.

Tesla applied for an FCC certification some time back and the initial images of a Model 3 key fob option surfaced online that we previously covered.

Last week Tesla offered the new Model 3 key fob for $150 a piece in the Tesla online shop and the entire stock sold out in just one day — if you need a Model 3 key fob, you will have to wait for the next batch to arrive.

There is only one draw-back to the new Model 3 key fob that it does not allow you ‘passive entry’ to your vehicle but since Tesla car theft is on the rise using high-tech signal amplifiers that trick the car into thinking that a ‘key’ is near, the absence of this feature might a blessing in disguise.

DLTESLA from YouTube took one of the first deliveries of a Tesla Model 3 key fobs and showed us the unboxing, pairing and other functions in the video below.

Pairing a new Model 3 key fob with your car:

A new Model 3 key fob needs to be paired with a your Model 3 to work, you need to go to Controls > Locks > Press ‘+’ sign in-front of ‘Keys’
> The screen will give you instructions as ‘Scan your new key behind cupholder to begin
> now place your Key fob behind the cup holder and the car will start scanning the Key fob and will ask you to ‘tap existing key card to approve pairing’
> place your Key Card behind the cupholders (you’re done).
Now the new Key Fob will show as a ‘Unknown Key’ on the screen, you can press the Edit icon to rename it to whatever you like (see video below for visual instructions).

With the Tesla Model 3 key fob you can perform the following task:

In response to several questions about installing a key ring to the Tesla Model 3 key fob, DLTESLA posted another video where he added a key ring to the fob, let’s see how he did it below.

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