Tesla Insurance is finally launched, starting from California

Tesla Insurance is finally launched, starting from California

Tesla has finally launched their insurance program called the ‘Tesla Insurance’, the Silicon Valley-based automaker announced the introductory insurance plan in a brief blog post on its official website.

As the starting point, Tesla Insurance is currently only available to Tesla owners from California but in near future will also expand to other US states.

Tesla customers have actually been asking for the comapny’s own insurance program to be introduced in order to get some relief in finding the right insurance company that understands Tesla vehicles, the other reason is the high cost of insurance premium on Tesla vehicles.

In response to a tweet by a UK based Tesla customer Elon Musk hinted that they are working on it and after it gets covers the major US states, Tesla Insurance will be launched in the United Kingdom and Europe as well.

According to Tesla, they aim to provide Tesla owners with competitive insurance rates and in some cases they might be 20 – 30% lower than the market offerings, featuring extensive coverage and claims management support.

Perhaps the best feature of obtaining the Tesla Insurance is that the policy can be purchased in as little as one minute by going to tesla.com/insurance, Tesla is utilizing the modern day tech to simplify complicated processes like ordering a car and purchasing an insurance policy — again one step ahead of the competition.

The official Tesla website has also listed important FAQs about their insurance program that should be read before pulling the trigger.

Some Tesla owners have tried to obtain quotes for their cars and are reporting that they are getting higher rates from Tesla as opposed to their existing insurance providers especially State Farm and Liberty Mutual, following are some reviews from owners from the Tesla subreddit:

If you have received a quote from Tesla Insurance, let us know if it is competitive or higher than the market price in the comments section below.

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