Gigafactory 3's latest footage shows a 20 stall Supercharger station.

Gigafactory 3 gets 20 stall Supercharger, Made in China Tesla Model 3 assembly line leaked images

Tesla China’s Gigafactory 3 development is in top gear right now, Chinese workers putting in all the hard work 24/7 to complete this gigantic manufacturing and production facility on schedule.

The latest drone footage of the facility shows that Tesla has started installing Supercharger stalls at Gigafactory 3, as we can see in the above photo, the Supercharger station is located at the southern part of the factory.

According to reports from Tesla enthusiasts who constantly report on the developments from the ground, the Gigafactory Supercharger station has 20 stalls, this makes sense as several employees of the factory will have their own Teslas to charge, not to forget high-level executives and Elon Musk will be frequently visiting Shanghai to overlook the progress once production starts.

The Tesla Model 3 assembly lines at the Gigafactory 3 had already been setup last month and there has been a lot of progress since then that we will try to cover in this post.

The term ‘Gigafactory‘ is also the invention of none other than the Tesla CEO Elon Musk, which was first heard in 2013 at the announcement of the Gigfactory 1 — the Gigafactory 1 will be so big when it is fully constructed, the footprint of the building could be seen from space.

Although Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China is only about 10% in size of the Gigafactory 1 in Nevada, United States, it’s still a gigantic manufacturing facility, which has come near completion in just about 8 months, in Jan this year it was just plain land.

So what’s happening on the ground at the Gigafactory 3?

A lot, yes there’s a lot going on, on the ground at the Chinese Tesla Gigafactory, according to the latest reports by Chao Zhou, the workers are doing the hard work non-stop to complete every fine detail of this large manufacturing facility on time.

Within the last few days, dozens of pillars have been raised at the phase II of the Gigafactory 3 construction zone, looks like another building at the factory is in the works.

Even some Tesla enthusiasts from the United States and Europe visited the Gigafactory 3 Shanghai and were impressed by the progress that has been made already.

Tesla Model 3 inside Gigafactory 3

Recently, Chinese media (CCTV1) visited inside the Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, new images of the Tesla Model 3 assembly lines surfaced as a result. The following picture shared by Vincent via Chao Zhou shows a clear step ahead in assembly line development progress than the pictures we saw the last time.

A strong rumor emerging from Shanghai suggests that the first batch of Made in China Tesla Model 3 compact electric sedans will come off the assembly lines as early as November, others saying production will start 14th October — locally made Model 3s will be more affordable for the huge Chinese customer base as Tesla was able to get an exclusive tax-break from the government.

Tesla Model 3 assembly line being tested at the Gigafactory 3, Shanghai. Side view.
Tesla Model 3 assembly line being tested at the Gigafactory 3, Shanghai. Side view. Photo by CCTV 1 China.
Tesla Model 3 assembly line being tested at the Gigafactory 3, Shanghai. Side view.
Tesla Model 3 assembly line being tested at the Gigafactory 3, Shanghai. Side view. Photo by CCTV 1 China.

An extended drone video of the latest Gigafactory 3 shows a more detailed account of the construction and development activities that have started at phase 2 of this large manufacturing facility.

With the help from the Chinese government and zeal of the Chinese workforce, Tesla soon might just be able to start locally made Standard and Standard Range Plus Model 3 variant deliveries at a more affordable price tag to customers in China and the surrounding region which includes South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Although looking at the demand of the Tesla Model 3 in China, the first phase of satisfying the Chinese customer base will be a challenging task in itself.

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