Gigafactory 3 development progress as of Jan 17, 2019

Gigafactory 3 development progress is on a fast track (drone footage)

Just after 10 days of its groundbreaking ceremony, the Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China is making fast development progress as we can see in the following photos and drone footage.

Tesla Gigafactories are giant manufacturing facilities producing energy products and electric vehicles that are changing the world — Gigafactories are not just gigantic in size but also are one of the most technologically advanced manufacturing plants of the world.

Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai will be the most advanced of the existing Tesla Gigafactories, Elon Musk told the Chinese media.

The rapid development of the Gigafactory is a sign that Tesla is taking the Chinese region seriously which would ultimately become the largest EV market of the entire world as Government of China is pushing hard for sustainability.

Tesla also opened the online Model 3 configurator for Chinese customers in order to help fund the Gigafactory development in China. Chinese workforce is famous for fast construction and development and we can get a glimpse of this in the following drone footage.

Vincent posted the above drone footage today when he visited the Gigafactory 3 development site today  — so what we are looking at is the most recent glimpse into the buildup of an iconic and futuristic car manufacturing facility in its early stages of development.

The land area of the Gigafactory 3 is ~213 acres which translate to 864,885 m2 (9,300,000 sq ft)  — if Tesla decides to use the factory’s roof to gain solar energy with gigantic sets of solar panels, the Gigafactory 3 will also be a hallmark of sustainability like the Gigafactory 1 in Sparks, Nevada.

These latest video and pictures show that leveling the ground of the Gigafactory 3 is almost complete, the next in the construction process should be digging and pouring foundations but let’s see, we will keep you updated, just stay tuned.

Above: Gigafactory 3 ground leveling work in progress. Photos by Vincent Yu / Twitter

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