Latest Tesla Cybertruck (CYBRTRK) fan rendering using existing info and initial light-slit teaser.

Tesla ‘Cybertruck’ euphoria hits all time high, new predictions and renders

Only one day left in the first and final unveiling of the Tesla Cybertruck (CYBRTRK) and the excitement of the Tesla and pickup truck community is all time high, it is not less than euphoria at the moment and Tesla has been very successful in hiding the design of the truck despite the latest teaser attached with the invitation emails.

The latest render we see above is a mixture of the first-ever teaser of the then Tesla Pickup Truck carrying a Ford F-150 on its back and the ligh-slit teaser Elon Musk showed at the Model Y unveil event (explore past renders and teasers in full).

But this one makes sense since it looks like kina ‘armored personnel carrier from the future’ as Elon Musk stated last month, plus it integrates the futuristic lighting from the teaser and a feel of ruggedness that is required from an armored vehicle.

Update: Tesla Cybertruck is unveiled by Elon Musk, get the specs, pricing info, dimensions and glimpses from the event here.

On the other hand someone or Tesla Inc. (TSLA) has registered the domain name ‘’ and it currently redirects to the Tesla’s official website, looking at the whois information, the database shows the domain is registered with Godaddy, as is Elon Musk’s is — pretty interesting. registration was done simultaneously with the trademark/wordmark registration of the short form of name Cybertruck, i.e. earlier this month, seems like the moniker was not already decided, the idea suddenly sparked in Elon Musk’s genius brain or someone else’s on the team, and they rushed to the next steps.

Tesla Community Reactions

Our co-author Ian Pavelko aka Mad Hungarian got the confirmation for his attendance at the Tesla Cybertruck unveil taking place at the Tesla Design Center in Hawthorne, California and he is super excited like the rest of the Tesla enthusiasts, investors, employees, and the social media influencers, Ian is going to join the event all the way from Quebec, Canada among many others flying from around the world.

Not only Tesla enthusiasts, Elon Musk’s mother Maye Musk and brother Kimbal Musk are also very excited about the Cybertruck unveiling, according to Kimbal, but this is also the most exciting time for him after the Tesla Model S unveil back in the day, it has been almost a decade!

Here are some emotions expressed on Twitter:

Aftermarket Tesla Accessories by EVANNEX
Tesla Cybertruck shape decoded from the registered wordmark, purely imaginative.
Tesla Cybertruck shape decoded from the registered wordmark, purely imaginative.

Cybertruck Predictions

What will Tesla Cybertruck look like? How many motors it will have? What will be its capabilities? Range? There are so many questions and discussions happening across the entire WebSphere albeit everything will be revealed tomorrow, it is pretty interesting to have conjectures from several experts and enthusiasts.

We think it will have at least four motors like the Tesla Semi Truck to have the similar towing power of around 300,000 lbs as Elon Musk recently said, even though it will look very different and might be bigger than the normal Ford F-150 or the all-electric Rivian R1T, it will still be a cool design, Franz and his team are good at it.

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