Playing Chess in a Tesla Model 3

Now you can play ‘Chess’ in your Tesla Model 3, S and X

Tesla went completely stealth on this update, the Silicon Valley-base automaker has now started rolling out the legendary mind game of all time ‘Chess’ to Tesla Model 3, S and X vehicles worldwide.

Elon Musk gave an interview at E3 2019 last month and presented the upcoming games for the Tesla vehicles including Beach Buggy Racing 2: Tesla Edition and Cuphead but there was no mention of the ‘Chess’ game.

Tesla came up with a cool YouTube commercial with the announcement of this update showing a cowgirl and a Model 3 confronting each other in an old west gunfight style, but then the girl unlocks her Model 3 and challenges the car in the new Chess game.

Fabiano Carauna who is the Chess Grandmaster #1 in America, WCC challenger 2018, 3rd highest rated player in history called upon Tesla that he has never challenged a car in Chess and this would be interesting, he tweeted at Tesla Inc:

It will be interesting to watch if the Tesla AI is grown enough to beat one of the best players in chess history, I think we will have something to see soon from Fabiano — on a side note now Beach Buggy 2 can now be played with a game controller and even two controllers can be used for a dual player racing.

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