Playing Beach Buggy 2 video game in a Tesla Model 3

Tesla teases ‘Beach Buggy Racing 2’ gameplay with the Model 3 steering wheel in new video

Tesla has released a new video showing the in-car gameplay of the car racing game ‘Beach Buggy Racing 2’ (watch the video below) — the company has now deployed this game to Tesla Early Access Program (EAP) member vehicles.

This video shows a Tesla Model 3 owner wearing a racing suit and helmet before playing the game in a parking lot, the most interesting part is that the game is playable using the steering wheel of the car.

Beach Buggy 2’s UptoDown page has a full 5-star user rating with more than 170k downloads till date, the game description says:

Beach Buggy Racing 2 is a 3D racing game where you compete neck to neck on colorful beach circuits full of booby traps and thrills that are yours for the taking. We’re looking at the direct sequel to the original Beach Buggy Racing that’s back again with more excitement and more off-the-walls buggy racing action.

We grabbed the following screenshot from The Verge’s video (down below) on new Tesla game updates shows the Tesla Firmware Software version 2019.20.4 installed on the Model 3 used for the demo, this update is not yet deployed to general Tesla owners outside the early access program.

According to‘s database, this update is not yet reported by any owner, many Tesla Model 3 owners are also reporting that they haven’t received the Beach Buggy Racing 2 game even with the 201.20.2 update.

Screenshot from Tesla Beach Buggy Racing 2 video showing the 2019.20.4 firmware update.
Screenshot from Tesla Beach Buggy Racing 2 video showing the 2019.20.4 version of the firmware update.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the inclusion of Beach Buggy Racing 2 and Cuphead at the E3 2019 just a few days ago, more games in the future are expected, but considering the storage capacity limitations of the Tesla Media Control Unit (MCU), Tesla might need to retrofit cars with larger data storage hardware in order to expand the in-car entertainment capabilities.

A new racing game for Tesla vehicles was long due since Atari’s Pole Position went missing from the cars due to licensing issues, according to Elon Musk, the Silicon Valley-based automaker also tried to get the license for the evergreen Nintendo game ‘Mario Kart’ but was not successful, this would’ve been epic but the future might be bright for gaming enthusiasts owning Teslas!

Tesla has also added an ‘Arcade’ button to directly access the games list on the vehicle’s touchscreen rather than first tapping the Tesla ‘T’ three times and going to the set of Easter Eggs and then selecting games from there, now it’s easily accessible through the center touchscreen’s interface (check out The Verge’s review video below).

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