Lady designs a stunning piece of art using Tesla Model 3 sketchpad app.

Artist uses Tesla Model 3 sketchpad to draw a stunning piece of art

You cannot easily get bored in a Tesla car, the huge center touchscreen is also a fun and entertainment hub besides showing the path to your destination — recently a couple stuck on the US-Mexico border found the best pass time, the girlfriend of the Tesla owner drew this masterpiece using the Sketchpad Easter Egg.

The Sketchpad Easter Egg or app can be accessed by tapping the Tesla ‘T‘ on the center touchscreen three times and you can test your art & illustration skills.

The screengrab of this stunning art piece was posted on Reddit by u/RAD7926 where the artist illustrated a human eye using her fingers on the touchscreen with shades of blue, purple, yellow and black — this is probably the best artwork coming out of Tesla Sketchpad Ester Egg.

Earlier this month Elon Musk agreed to a suggestion that Tesla vehicles should be equipped with a more advanced music and art creation software and the Sketchpad app should support animation as well.

This suggestion came after looking at a great illustration made by Goro Fujita (Animator, Illustrator) was shared by the artist on Twitter and till now has gathered more than 12.6k likes on the social media platform till now (photo below in HD).

The support for animation and more color options such as saturation adjustments might come with a near future software update, but as we can see in the above illustrations, the artists are still creating super cool artwork with the limited tools and features available in the application.

Goro Fujita again requested Elon for animation support and got an ‘Ok’ reply from the Tesla CEO:

Tesla Easter Eggs are Musk’s inspiration from arcade games era of the 90s, Tesla added a bunch of new Easter Eggs just before the Christmas holiday season last year with Romance mode and various Atari video games that can be played on the center touchscreen.

If you are an artist or a video games enthusiast your Tesla can be your favorite pass time when stuck in a traffic jam, charging your car or waiting for a friend in a parking lot, it never gets boring, thanks to Elon Musk and his Tesla software team.

Video: Drawing a car using the Tesla Model 3 Sketchpad

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