Drunk Model S Driver Bulldozes Mercedes Car And Dealership From 30 ft In The Air

At the end of Oct ’16 RatDog of Youtube uploaded a video (above) showing the aftermath of a flying Tesla Model S bulldozing a Mercedes E220 and crashing into the dealership. The P70 Model S which weighs around 4,608 lbs (2,090 kg) went out of control and 30 ft airborne before dropping onto the Mercedes. The incident took place in the Hertford’s Foxholes Roundabout in London, UK (map below).

Safety details of the occupants are still unknown except for the driver who’s been held by the Police after the incident and was charged for Drunk Driving “d/drive.181”.  Surely this time it was not the Autopilot but the drunk man himself responsible for the catastrophe. Luckily it seems that there were no occupants in the crushed Mercedes at the time of the accident as well.

The BCH Road Policing issued the following tweet as an update about the Model S driver’s arrest. I think He will be denied insurance and any benefit of the doubt, what you think Britishers? You can comment below or start a thread in our Tesla Discussion Forums.

Iqtidar Ali
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