Tesla Roadster Will Reborn As A Convertible. Future Glances And Flashbacks

Apr 17, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

So the first episode of Tesla’s Master Plan, the Roadster, first born in 2008 and stopped production in 2012. Roadster was the original money maker for Tesla to go next level and bring Model S to life.

This first episode’s rebirth is expected in 2019 with fresh looks and increased vigor. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, next Roadster will be a convertible.

Tesla Roadster set the world distance record of 501 km (311 miles on a signle charge) for a production electric car on Oct 27, 2009 at the Global Green Challenge in outback Australia (video below), that’s about only 1 year into production.

So Tesla dazzled the world from the start and until 2012 this phenomenal electric sports car garnered enough fame and fortune for the automaker and Elon Musk to further pursue the plan.

If Tesla had failed on their first step of the Master Plan, we wouldn’t have been talking about them at this day, the world would have been different.

The Roadster was a Roadster in it’s literal meaning i.e. “Open Top” or “No Roof” but now Tesla has decided to re-create the monster with a retractable roof-top.

A price tag of $109,000 (2010) sounds pretty reasonable for a sports car that can produce instant torque and acceleration, the one that is revolutionary in it’s own right.

However the info-display screen looked like from a 90’s Hollywood movie, since we saw a grand center screen in the Model S just after the Roadster.

I found a great video review of Tesla Roadster by Emme Hall (video below), she gives us some good info and experience about the Roadster.

So what could be the reason behind creating a next generation of the Tesla Roadster? It’s fairly simple, the cycle of Tesla Master Plan Part Deux should repeat again.

The next gen Roadster will not be moderately priced as the previous one considering high-end Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti prices from hundreds of thousands of dollars to even $2.5 million for a single luxury sports car.

Tesla Roadster’s next generation car will be in direct competition with aforementioned brands obnoxious prices and even if Tesla keeps the price range of the Roadster fro $300-500 thousand it’s going to sell easily. This will also result in funding the Master Plan beyond Part Deux i.e. the adventure to Mars.

Let’s see what the next gen Tesla Roadster might look like as our friend Jan Peisert has envisioned the upcoming Roadster through his Photoshop design skills (video below photos). The car he has based his design on is the Toyota FT-1 that you can also see below.

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