BMW Teases i8 Roadster for 2018 release – A convertible ahead of next Tesla Roadster

BMW released a teaser video (below) of their upcoming i8 Roadster which will be a convertible PHEV sports car. According to BMW, the i8 Roadster is in its final testing phase and ready for deliveries in 2018.

The decision of releasing an open-top/convertible electric sports car by BMW seems about time as their american competitor Tesla plans to roll-out their next Roadster as a Convertible in 2019. But the main issue is the all-electric range, which is only 37 km (23 miles) for their current BMW i8.

Although in the BMW i8 Roadster’s brief press-release they have mentioned the car will have ‘zero local emissions’ which means in a daily commute you can achieve zero emissions by using the car in ‘EV Only’ mode.

BMW Blog speculates the upcoming i8 Roadster will be able to achieve an all-electric range of 50 km (31 miles), which doesn’t seem quiet an achievement for a 2018 electric-car.

In the teaser, the BMW i8 Roadster is heavily camouflaged to hide only the skin of the vehicle? As I don’t see any significant design modifications in the shape or form of the car to it’s elder sister the BMW i8.

However, let’s see the stunning short teaser video which is awesomely choreographed seemingly at the BMW Group’s aerodynamic testing facility.

Do you think BMW i8 Roadster will give any serious competition to the 2019 Tesla Roadster Convertible? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below or like our Facebook Page for future updates.

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