Tesla Model 3 at the Tesla Shanghai Store

Tesla registered 21,308 Model 3 VINs targeted towards Europe and China deliveries

Tesla is starting 2019 with an aggressive push towards Model 3 deliveries — according to the report by @Model3VINs Tesla has registered 21,308 new Model 3 VINs with the NHTSA.

By segmenting these 21,308 VINs by region we see that 73% of the registered Tesla Model 3s VINs are ‘international’, which can only mean that Tesla is on a good timeline of pushing deliveries to China and Europe.

Tesla has already announced that Model 3 European deliveries would begin by Feb 2019 and an estimated 3,000 Model 3s will be shipped to Europe  — China just got their first Tesla Gigafactory groundbreaking in Shanghai and the Tesla Stores there have started displaying the higher-end variants of the world’s best electric car.

Also, all of the latest Model 3 vehicles registered with NHTSA in 2019 are dual-motor variants meaning the Model 3 Performance and the Long Range All-Wheel Drive — both of these are the upscale versions of the Tesla Model 3.

Q4, 2018 was the best ever quarter for Tesla regarding vehicle deliveries, Tesla delivered 63,150 Model 3 electric vehicles to the customers which marked a 13% increase when compared to Q3, 2018.

Besides being displaying Model 3s in Europe, Tesla has now brought some Model 3 vehicles to China as well and our friend @JayinShanghai spotted them at the Tesla Store in Shanghai (awesome pics below). 

Since the Gigafactory 3 will only produce the lower-end variants of the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in China, the higher-end variants of both of these vehicles will always be imported from the United States, so we think some Model 3 vehicles are already available for delivery at least in Shanghai right now.

European Model 3 reservation holders and potential customers have already been checking U.S spec Tesla Model 3 across Europe since the last couple of months, now it’s time for getting their hands on the localized version of the car.

Tesla Store Shanghai displaying Model 3 vehicles

Tesla Model 3 will use the CCS charge port in Europe instead of the modified Type 2 connector used in the United States  — our friend Bjørn Nyland spotted the first Model 3 priority Supercharger retrofitted with CCS connector.

Let’s watch how the new retrofit Tesla Superchargers in Europe look like, which are built in anticipation for the massive Model 3 deliveries push in the next few months.

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