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Tesla offers $5,000 refund to Model 3 Performance owners for quitting unlimited free Supercharging

Tesla is offering Model 3 Performance owners a $5,000 refund if they are willing to revoke the ‘free unlimited Supercharging for life’ facility — the offer came as a result of price reduction for the Model 3 Performance last month.

A very few Model 3 Performance owners were angry at the fact that after buying the premium electric vehicle for just a month, it devalued to a whopping $5,000 to which Elon Musk responded:

Currently Tesla is offering only 6 months of unlimited Supercharging for new purchases of Tesla Model S, 3, and X — Tesla’s ever growing DC fast charging network offers charging speeds of up to 145 kW.

It is important to remember that you can only get the 6 months free Supercharging if you use a referral code of an existing Tesla owner for your purchase.

After launching Model 3 in China and Europe, the number of Tesla vehicles around the globe will grow exponentially, therefore sustaining a free unlimited Supercharging network cost is not sustainable, Elon Musk explained this in a Tweet back in September:

Now Model 3 Performance owners are getting emails from Tesla, asking the customers if they want to opt-out of the unlimited supercharging program to get the $5,000 refund or stick to their current plan.

Owners of the Model 3 Performance are getting the following email from Tesla, asking to confirm their choice of refund:

Good day Customer,

My name is xxxxxxx, reaching out from Tesla Customer Support and we wanted to follow up on your request regarding your Model 3 Performance and the recent price change.

I wanted to ensure you were aware that as a Model 3 Performance owner, you benefit from free, unlimited Supercharging. This is no longer available with new purchases and it is a significant benefit that provides peace of mind so you can use any of our Superchargers, free of charge for as long as you own the car.

I understand that we are still in process of adding this access to your vehicle. So I wanted to check with you to see if you would like a refund instead, as we would be happy to provide that. With that said, I want to make you aware that if you do choose the refund, you will lose the free, unlimited Supercharging benefit. Are you okay with losing that benefit?

Please reply directly to this email with your confirmation and I will process the refund on your account and remove the free Supercharging benefit.

You can expect a refund check via mail in the next 4 weeks. Can you confirm the address you would like the check sent to? Currently, I have the address below on record.

Address Of Record: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

Regardless of your choice, we hope you are thrilled with the Model 3 Performance experience and we look forward to serving you as part of the Tesla family.

Most Model 3 Performance owners will not turn down the offer of having a hefty $5,000 cash that they can utilize for a variety of stuff. Also by our calculations, a 1,000-mile road trip in a Tesla Model 3 only costs between $12 – $28, which means spending $5,000 on Supercharging will take a few years to consume.

Tesla is setting a great example on how to incentivize your customers and do the right thing, opposed to just living up for a profit.

You will get $5,000 back or keep the free unlimited Supercharging for life package? Let us know in the comments section below.

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