Target stores bringing EV charging stations

Target is partnering with Tesla and Others to expand EV charging network

The biggest hurdle in adopting EVs as the new norm has been the lack of convenience in charging an electric vehicle — but the ‘range anxiety’ dilemma is slowly fading as more and more governments and corporations feel the need to expand charging networks.

Target is one of the largest retail chains in the U.S. with more than 1800 locations nationwide, has now big plans to invest in the expansion of EV charging points at their stores.

Over the course of next two years, Target is planning to set up EV charging spots at more than 100 store locations across 20 states. Target is partnering with Tesla, ChargePoint, and Electrify America who already has the ground experience of deploying high-powered EV charging stations.

According to Tesla, as of now they have 1,210 Supercharger stations with 9,428 supercharging points globally and expanding continuously month over month. ChargePoint claims they have 48,300 locations for EV charging.

Electrify America is owned by the financially strong Volkswagen Group and aims to invest $2 billion in building EV charging infrastructure in the coming years.

Target’s strategic selection of the partners in the EV charging expansion plan will enable the store locations to support various types of charging standards (CCS, CHAdeMO, and Tesla’s Supercharging).

Target estimates more than 1 million electric vehicles to be on the road by 2020 but we think the actual number will be more than that since Tesla alone is targeting more than 500,000 EVs produced a year and mainstream players also trying to benefit from the trend.

Target Corporation is also actively involved in installing roof-top solar-panels to its stores in pursuit of a total sustainable energy future for the entire chain. You can read the full Target press release below.

April 23, 2018

All throughout Earth Month and every day at Target, we’re working toward ambitious goals to help keep the planet healthy.

Today, we’re taking another step forward, accelerating our electric vehicle program with the help of industry experts Tesla, ChargePoint and Electrify America. Together, we’ll expand our current program, available now at 18 sites in five states, to more than 600 parking spaces at over 100 sites across more than 20 states with charging stations over the next two years. 

Two cars recharging at Tesla stations

Photo courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Why focus on electric vehicles? They’re gaining popularity: More than 1 million electric cars are projected to be sold by 2020, and by 2030, it’s estimated that one in four new cars sold will be electric. Many guests tell us they love the environmental benefits, but some hesitate to make the switch over worries about convenience. For example, the lack of public charging stations available, and the time it takes to charge up once they find one. So adding charging stations at Target stores—where guests can drive up, plug in, and shop while their car charges—makes a lot of sense.  

“Accelerating our efforts to install new charging stations at Target stores across the country is one way we’re building on our commitment to investing in solutions that leave our communities better for future families,” said John Leisen, vice president, Property Management, Target. “And it’s an opportunity to work with industry-leading partners to bring a more convenient shopping experience to guests as we look to design lower-carbon solutions throughout our entire operation.”

It's a big part of our overall work to use energy efficiently and responsibly across our business. We also know that transitioning to a lower-carbon transportation system is an important step in reducing the impact on climate change. 

Target began investing in electric vehicle charging stations in our parking lots back in 2012 with the help of our partner, ChargePoint. In 2017, we teamed up with Tesla to pilot its Superchargers with shorter-than-normal charging times, with additional expansion plans in 2018.

Today, we have electric vehicle stations at 18 sites across California, Hawaii, Minnesota, North Carolina and Texas. Throughout 2018 and 2019, we’ll continue our work with Chargepoint, Tesla and our newest partner, Electrify America, to install charging stations in the parking lots at more than 100 stores and other Target properties. Charging stations will also be a feature we’ll consider as we evaluate new stores and their associated parking footprints. 

It’s just one way we’re building momentum on carbon reduction efforts. For example, we support renewable energy by offsetting a portion of our energy needs with solar and wind power. We’re on our way to having 500 stores with rooftop solar panels by 2020, and working toward a goal to be 100-percent renewable overall. In recognition of that work, we’re a three-time ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year, and the Solar Energy Industries Association named us the top corporate solar installer in the U.S. two years in a row.

Source: Target

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