Tesla Model 3 Performance at the Tesla Store in Jinqiao, Shanghai, China

Gigafactory 3 construction and Tesla Model 3 deliveries on a fast track in China

Gigafactory 3 construction and Tesla Model 3 deliveries in China are on a fast track right now — Chinese people are known for their hard work and completing projects quickly, we can see this happening at the Shanghai Gigafactory in the latest video update (below).

On the other hand, Tesla Model 3 deliveries in China are on a steady roll, after the first deliveries event a few days ago more higher-end versions of the Model 3 can be seen at the Tesla Store in Jinqiao, Shanghai (see pics below).

Chinese workforce is back to work after a bit long holiday season because of the Chinese new year, the Gigafactory 3 ground was mostly muddy and dump trucks were dumping sand on the ground as we saw in the drone footage from last month.

The latest footage shows the foundation work has been laid and some buildings are also being constructed inside the boundary wall (video start point set to when 烏瓦 reaches the Gigafactory 3).

According to a comment on the video by Paul Lee, what 烏瓦 (Uva) is saying is that he is impressed by the fast pace of construction at the Gigafactory Shanghai site and believes the factory will be completed by the end of the year.

Also, the visible buildings in the video above are believed to be temporary worker apartments that help the workforce deliver their full potential in the construction of the world’s most advanced Tesla Gigafactory.

CNBC reports that Tesla is arranging a $2 billion loan from different Chinese banks for the construction and development of the Gigafactory 3 China.

Tesla is currently only offering higher-end variants of the Tesla Model 3 to Chinese customers for which import duties are also higher in addition to increased labor costs of building cars in the United States. Once the standard variants of the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y production start in China, we will be able to see a surge in Tesla sales in the country.

The Tesla Store in Jinqiao Shanghai organized a delivery event a couple of days which shows most of the Tesla Model 3s ordered are the top ‘Performance’ variants with the China-specific power sports aero wheels.

JayinShanghai and Vincent Yu posted the following photos on their Twitter accounts, showing the Model 3 delivery setup where the only thing written in English on the banner says “Love at first sight”.

Ligthed 'T' for Tesla Model 3 by EVANNEX

Tesla also has introduced the ‘Home Delivery’ model in China, this is an optional delivery method that the owners can choose for their convenience. Tesla China released the following video ad that explains the home delivery model to owners and potential customers, the video description by Vincent Yu states:

Tesla China is now offering a whole new delivery model – Home delivery. Tesla staff will send your new Tesla directly to the designated pick-up location of the consumer, subject to the conditions and mutual consent. Very convenience for Chinese Tesla customers.

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