Tesla Model 3 assembly time-lapse video

Watch the whole process of a Tesla Model 3 being assembled

At just about the end of 2018 Tesla released interesting time-lapse footage of a Tesla Model 3 being assembled from start to finish — Tesla Model 3 Q4 sales are expected to outnumber the Q3, 2018 sales as Tesla Stores were busy delivering the cars late in the evening on the last day of the year even.

Streamlining the Tesla Model 3 production was a daunting task for Elon Musk and the entire Tesla team which took the entire first half of 2018 of their efforts, Tesla had to re-structure the whole Model 3 production lines to remove excessive automation and use of robots.

Elon Musk admitted that excessive use of robot automation at Tesla was his mistake:

After several months of pain and suffering, Elon Musk and the Tesla team were able to hit the 5,000 Model 3 / week production target in July — since then it has been a comparatively smooth ride with Model 3 production and deliveries.

The interesting part to remember is that a Tesla Model 3 is made up of ~10,000 parts, looking them put together in a smooth fashion is inspirational (download entire Model 3 parts catalog in PDF).

With involving more humans on Model 3 production lines Tesla was able to find the correct combination of machine+human utilization to achieve their production goals that we see in the following video:

As we can see in the video above, the Tesla Model 3 assembly line is moving very smoothly with near ideal human/robot combo for production. The Tesla staff also looks very happy working towards the company’s mission of a sustainable future.

The most interesting part of the video to us was when the robot inserts the entire dashboard with the center touchscreen, it’s just beautiful since this is a Tesla Model 3 Performance version in the making the dashboard trim is white instead of wooden texture in lower trims.

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