Tesla Model S P100D vs Mercedes-AMG GT 63 Drag Race

Tesla Model S P100D drag races the Mercedes AMG GT 63 — war of the 4-door performance cars

This time the Mercedes AMG GT 63 4-door coupé tries its luck against the Tesla Model S P100D 4-door sedan in a quarter-mile drag race — 4.0-liter V8 engine vs. dual-motor fully electric powertrain.

The race was set up by the passionate Lovecars / YouTube channel, some great shots of both cars during the two race attempts are seen, aesthetically choreographed.

Both of these 4-door monsters weight above 2 tons each and yet are able to perform viciously on the drag strip, especially the Tesla Model S with Ludicrous Mode ON is a force to reckon with but still the built for performance Merc AMG GT 63 has the guts to challenge.

Before watching the race it does make some sense to compare both vehicles with some basic performance specs that I have compiled in the following table.

Model S P100D vs. AMG GT 63 Performance Specs Comparison

OptionsTesla Model S P100DMercedes AMG GT 63
Battery-Pack/Engine100 kWh Performance VersionAMG M177 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8
DrivetrainDual Motor Performance AWD4MATIC+ (AWD)
0-100 km/h (0-62 mph)2.5s3.4s
Top speed155 mph (250 km/h) Software limited192 mph (310 km/h)
Wheels/Tires21" Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine Wheels ($4,500) with Goodyear tires21-inch AMG cross-spoke forged wheels with Michelin tires
BrakesTesla performance brakesAMG carbon ceramic brakes
Launch controlLudicrous ModeN/A
Horsepower588 hp577 hp
Curb weight4,960 lb (2,250 kg)4,508.5 lb (2,045 kg)

The first attempt was a clear winner as the Model S battery was at around 80% state of charge (SoC) but in the 2nd attempt it had lost a lot of SoC and the Ludicrous Mode works best with a higher SoC.

However, Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous Mode is the world’s fastest production car ever made, period, Nice try, AMG!

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