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Tesla Model 3 reservation, an anniversary.

Mar 31, 2018 | by Paul Atkins @ElecVehicleGuy

Well, two years, 24 months or 730 days with more to come is a long time to wait for any car. Whichever way you look at it such a wait and having given Tesla £1,000 back in 31st March 2016 for the privilege would test anyone’s patience.

In fairness Tesla always said it was going to be a long wait to see a Model 3 delivered. Having reserved a right hand drive model, I knew I’d be at the end of the queue, but I certainly believed the mid 2018 timeframe mentioned was achievable.

Why, I hear you ask after Tesla has never met any deadlines with the Model S or X would the Model 3 be any different? My reply would be ‘belief’. I believe in the mission Tesla are working towards to rid the world of the need of fossil fuels and move towards a sustainable future.

Front and center of this is Elon Musk, a self-made billionaire and visionary who questions the status quo and who has changed online finance, transportation, solar and space exploration. One of the founders and face of Tesla and master of the Tweet.

Musk is especially great at using words like ‘up to’, ‘from’, ‘begins’ and ‘early’ which keeps everyone happy in a loose time-frame trance. When Tesla miss these, ‘mid’ moves to ‘late’ and we as believers buy it every time.

As the time frames slip for Europe from 2018 into 2019 and the ‘early 2019’ that currently shows when I check my UK Tesla account will probably change to ‘mid’ or even ‘late 2019’ after Elon’s recent tweet.

When asked by @tomkiss on Twitter about the roadmap for Model 3 in the UK, @elonmusk replied “probably mid next year before we are able to make RHD”.

It’s great to see US owners enjoying their new cars but it makes the wait worse. The increase of information is some comfort.

Seeing review videos and screen grabs of the order process is like cat nip to a kitten but for customers in Europe and us Brits and other right hand drive markets at the back of the queue I feel Tesla should begin to look beyond their doorstep.

Isn’t it about time that the Model 3 website was updated and included a configurator we could play with to decide our dream combination of colour, wheel and options. Even saving this in advance of ordering could give Tesla an idea of the most popular colours, wheels and options before a European production run.

Dare I even mention the $35,000 starting price. What does this mean to us? What are the options and delivery going to cost here? I know currency fluctuates but surely Tesla have an idea and keeping people dangling too long doesn’t help the wait.

Loyalty and patience only goes so far. Some of us will have in the end endure a three year wait. So, please Tesla, throw us some info and keep the masses over the pond happy for a little longer.

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Paul Atkins
[email protected]

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