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Tesla Model 3: Delivery and cost estimates for the United Kingdom

Aug 02, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

Tesla delivered their first 30 cars on the final unveil night at their Fremont factory, now the electric-car automaker has a great production challenge ahead of them. Elon Musk addressing Tesla employees at the event defined it as ‘production hell’.

With about half a million pre-orders Tesla has no way but to go through the aforementioned hell to keep the pace of the electric car revolution they have started.

According to Tesla (TSLA) Model 3 production will be an ‘s-curve’ as we can see in graph below:

Tesla Model 3 production 'S Curve' graph

But how will this production curve affect deliveries for the international customers and what would be the expected costs? In this post we are specifically talking about Model 3 reservation holders in the United Kingdom.

Paul (Electric Vehicle Guy) from the UK provided us with insight about deliveries, costs and tax savings that are specific to customers living in the United Kingdom in the following video.

The costs mentioned in the above video do not include the £4,500 ‘plug-in car grant (PicG)’ that the UK Government is offering right now but there are no guarantees of grant availability in the future.

Being a RHD (Right-Hand-Drive) market United Kingdom will be one the last to get the production Model 3 vehicles on their roads. The wait is worth it because below luxury car tax bracket you can get a 220 miles (354 km) range compact electric-sedan equipped with the next generation autopilot hardware that you can enable anytime later if you decide.

At least in the software and technology arena there will be no Tesla competitor even in 2019, therefore Model 3 will still be a great deal. Also Tesla might break down the premium package options individually available by that time and you can get only your favorite options.

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