Tesla Model 3 Key Fob (FCC Images)

First look at the Tesla Model 3 key fob option, coming soon

Sep 21, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

At last Tesla is introducing the ‘Key Fob’ option for Model 3 as some owners have been expressing their concerns about having occasional issues with the iPhone/Android apps relying on the Bluetooth connection of the car and their phones.

Tesla Model 3 owners also have a ‘Key Card’ option to open and start their vehicles just in-case or if sharing the ride with friends and family but it’s not super convenient.

The rumors proved to be right as Model 3 Key Fob images surfaced online via FCC after weeks of Tesla’s application for a new key fob.

Images by: Tesla / FCC 

A key fob is a great option for owners/users that feel convenient with the conventional option instead of the Key Card or the Tesla Phone App.

Tesla Model S and Model X both have similar looking Key Fobs that also perform the ‘summon‘ function in addition to opening the doors, frunk and the trunk.

Tesla Model 3 Key Fob user manual (full PDF below) does not mention that the Key Fob can be used for the ‘summon’ feature but states:

This Key fob is used for user that don’t want to use phone nor NFC card to unlock their car. It contains three bottoms that able to unlock the frunk, door and trunk.

Tesla Model 3 key fob is powered by a ‘CR2032 Manganese Dioxide Lithium Coin Battery’ that is most probably going to be provided by Panasonic (Tesla’s biggest ally in the war against gas powered cars spreading pollution).

Finally it’s a sigh of relief for Model 3 owners who feel more relaxed using a traditional key fob instead of the inconvenient key card or the troublesome Bluetooth connection using the phone app.

Do let us know if you prefer a Key Card/Mobile App or the new Key Fob option to use your new Model 3 in the poll below, or leave your comments about why you like the new Model 3 Key Fob feature.

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