Model 3 HUD and New Interior Leaked Photos

Problem Solved: Tesla Model 3 Proposed HUD Mock-Up With New Interior

The new interior picture of the Model 3 (below) was posted by an anonymous user via imgur last year Nov 8 and since it’s making a buzz around the Tesla community. And there are many questions being raised about how will the instrument cluster and autopilot display will happen?

So we have the answer with a picture below created and posted by Christoph Reichelt on his blog and since a picture is worth a thousand words there should be no more confusion among the Tesla community about what will be the future of the vital driver information and autopilot display on Model 3. It should be a Model 3 HUD (Head-Up Display) and nothing else.

The proposed HUD mock-up shows a Model 3 self-driving and the windscreen is displaying driver info and autopilot green & blue road lines. This is not the official photo from Tesla but this gives us an idea of what solution is there in the absence of instrument cluster and autopilot display.

Model 3 New Daylight Interior & Head Up Display Pictures

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As for the new interior photo that emerged yesterday (above) has the minimal interior we have seen yet for a futuristic car even the air vents are invisible, I am sure Tesla must have integrated a better solution for the HVAC that is so immersed into the interior design it’s almost indistinguishable.

So this looks a pretty good development over-all and reservation holders should be more happy and excited about their future ride. Get latest Model 3 updates here.

I also like the ideas presented in following video by the creator. Many of these would solve the user-experience issues with the futuristic Model 3 design.

Written with passion for Tesla by Iqtidar Ali.
Last updated: Apr 06, 2017

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