Tesla sets the standard for the future of ‘Automotive Service’

Jul 19, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

Tesla yet again prove they are the industry leader when it comes to innovation and implementation of new ideas as they announce their near future plans for ‘Service & Maintenance Infrastructure’.

The beauty of ‘Electric Cars’ is that they are very low maintenance compared to their ICE counterparts and Tesla vehicles mostly encounter issues that are software related enabling the manufacturer to fix them remotely using over-the-air updates.

Tesla claims that 90% of the issues can be diagnosed remotely as the whole fleet is connected to Tesla’s main servers at their Headquarters and in an instance where the need of a technician is necessary Tesla Mobile Service van will reach you with required help. Even then if a visit to the Service station is inevitable you can book an appointment in advance to weed out the possibility of a long wait.

Tesla defines the smoothness of this process as:

Over-the-air updates help to improve your Tesla over time, while remote diagnostics and the support of our Mobile Service technicians reduce your need to ever visit a Service Center. In the rare case that your car requires a shop visit, service will be quick and seamless—and likely be complete before you finish your coffee.

It’s less than 5 months remaining when Tesla Model 3 production would reach 5,000 units per week as per Elon Musk’s statement at the Governor’s Meeting on on Saturday. According to expert analysis this production ramp up will end up with 40 – 50 thousand Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles hitting the road before the end of 2017 and this probably was the right time for Tesla to announce their Service and Support infrastructure expansions.

These are the main service and support elements that Tesla is amplifying in anticipation of an exponential production ramp up in coming months:

  • 3X growth of service capacity worldwide
  • 100 new Service Centers
  • 1400 new technicians
  • More than 350 Mobile Service vans added to the fleet
  • 24x7x365 Availability

The beauty of this setup is that the customers don’t need to go to a third-party repair shop thus making the process a seamless solution for all their needs. This process also insures that the customer gets specialized treatment to their beloved car which is usually very expensive as well.

Tesla explain their service expansion plans in the following video and on their website’s Service section.

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