Fabiano Caruana challenges a Tesla Model 3 to a game of chess.

Watch: Grandmaster ‘Fabiano’ vs. Tesla Model 3 chess game challenge

United States Chess Grandmaster #1 Fabiano Caruana was already tempted when Tesla surprisingly added the ‘chess’ video game to the ‘Arcade’ section of their in-car entertainment suite late last month.

Chess is one of the most ancient and influential mind game in the history of mankind, it’s an ingenious creation of the curious brain and Tesla owners should be able to pump their brain muscles while Supercharging or just chilling in their leisure time at a remote location.

More than a week ago Tesla announced that the Chess game is now rolling out globally and it appears that Fabiano just got the  update to his Model 3 and showed us his first ever match of chess against a car.

So the Grandmaster was impressed by Tesla’s chess game even though the car lost to him, Tesla Model 3 was playing intelligently and was thinking like a human before making its next move!

Hopefully, this game has ‘easy’, ‘medium’ and ‘hard’ levels in the future and an active AI in the background that is constantly learning new moves, who knows, the AI part might be active and Fabiano just gave the Tesla Neural Net some more brainpower.

Elon Musk has been a game fanatic since his early age, he grew up in the era of classic Arcade video games, the result of which is showing in his cars in the form of Easter Eggs and video games.

If you’re new to Chess and didn’t know what Fabiano was talking about when he named the chess pieces, you can check the following infographic for reference.

Infographic: Chess Pieces Explained
Infographic: Chess Pieces Explained. Image Credits: Buzzle.com

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