Tesla anti selling Model 3

Tesla is still actively anti selling Model 3

Aug 19, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

Model 3 reservation holders are getting calls and emails from Tesla aiming at anti selling Model 3 and trying to convince them in getting a Model S.

In addition to explaining how Model S is a superior more advanced electric-car than the Model 3 — Tesla is even breaking the numbers for us on how with a little more effort you can easily get the bigger, better electric sedan.

David Baker from the ‘Tesla Model 3 Canadian Group (Facebook)‘ reported the interesting email he received from Tesla strongly trying to convince him in getting a Model S, let’s read the email below:

Dear Model 3 Reservation Holder,

I hope your day is going well, I want to update you with your Tesla Model 3.

The Tesla Model 3 is expected to hit the Canadian market in the late 2018 or possibly later. It starts at $35,000 USD (at 1.3 exchange rate will equal to roughly $45,500) with no options. Options like colours, wheels, Autopilot, Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive, etc. will be an add-on. On the top end, a loaded-up Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive with Long Range Battery, Premium Package, Enhanced Autopilot, etc. is about $60,700 (at 1.3 exchange rate will equal to roughly $78,910). In Ontario our HST rate is currently at 13%, hence final cash price will be at roughly $89,170. Currently the Model 3 does not have a leasing option, only financing or cash purchase.

Assuming a $1,000 downpayment at 4% interest rate, you’d expect a monthly payment of $1,370 taxes-in over 84 months. Our current Model S rear wheel drive is at $960 taxes in over 96 months, with $2,500 cash and $14,000 rebate as downpayment at 1.99% financing.

Model S includes full glassroof, 17” touch screen and an instrument cluster. Tesla’s flagship vehicle has more room headroom, legroom and trunk space. Faster acceleration car, more range, free unlimited supercharging for life of the ownership with a referral code, power liftgate, Aluminum body, Smart Air Suspension, Auto-presenting door handles and premium lighting package (adaptive headlights, fog lamps, lighted door handles and ambient lighting).

Above reasons are pretty convincing at least for the Canadian and international customers, an electric car for the masses with RWD and some premium options can cost $89,170 CAD and there is no leasing option available for the Model 3. The cost break-down above looks tricky being a non-Canadian resident, perhaps you can help us with some valuable advice in the comment section below.

I think Tesla is overwhelmed with the number of orders they have for the Model 3 and ‘production hell’ is getting deeper than expected.

Recently Elon Musk announced that they are getting 1,800 new Model 3 reservations every day, if it’s still the case Tesla’s 5,000 cars a week production will still be far behind the 12,600 orders are week they are getting on top of the 400,000+ orders that piled up before the delivery event last month.

Model 3 is actually more advanced than the current Model S

Yes that’s true but Tesla has been reluctant to admit this as they are not willing to leak any information that could further accelerate the demand for the Model 3. For example the driver / passenger facing internal camera (pictured below) and added ‘computing and wiring redundancy’ that the community is calling Autopilot Hardware 2.5 and Tesla is considering it only 2.1 as these in their opinion are not any ground-breaking upgrades.

A recent Tesla Motors Club article tries to explain these upgrades in detail and how Model 3 is currently more advanced than the S or X, according to them Tesla has built Model 3 with full-self driving and ride-sharing in mind which is the next phase of the Tesla Master Plan.

Tesla Model 3 with driver/passenger facing internal camera
Tesla Model 3 with driver/passenger facing internal camera - Click/Tap to zoom-in

On the same Tesla Model 3 Canadian Group, Gillian Roberts reported that she got a call from Tesla that tried to up-sell Model S, In her words:

Just had a call from Tesla. Am I still interested in getting a model 3 and do I have questions? Yes and yes. Found out that there will be no trailer hitch for the model 3. I am among the first of the international (none USA) people to get a model 3 because I ordered early and am on the west coast. Still saying that later 2018 will be delivery date, though he laughed when I said I figured March 11th.

So Model 3 will not have a ‘trailer hitch’, never heard of this anti-selling point before and with a small car like Model 3 who will be willing to move a trailer with.

Tesla is trying hard to lower down the number of Model 3 orders as to lower down the fires of production hell and come out of it safely. Seems like international customers are their prime target they feel can be converted to become Model S owners and they might be somewhat successful in this quest.

Since the right-hand drive markets like the United Kingdom will have to wait at least till 2019 to get their Model 3s, reservation holders in such countries would easily be convinced to get a Model S in a few weeks rather than waiting years down the road.

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  • Bob Sampson
    Posted at 19:54h, 19 August Reply

    All I really want is a fully-optioned Model 3 for $35K… 🙂

    • X Auto
      Posted at 05:53h, 20 August Reply

      that would be impossible @disqus_lXSAEvSJ23:disqus ! 🙂

  • Tauran
    Posted at 02:16h, 20 August Reply

    I agree with this article. Got called out of the blue to test drive model s. Asked for 75 RWD to give me sense of how they drive. when in age they said they only had P85D and P100D for me to drive. Told me constantly what was not included with the 3

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